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Increase your rankings, get more traffic, and watch your revenue start to soar. SEO is just that simple, but it isn’t always easy. Our professional SEO services help businesses in Toronto get better results from their marketing efforts, more consistent streams of new customers, and more profits. Toronto SEO can skyrocket your success, and at GrowME, we’re basically SEO rocket-scientists.

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At GrowME, we offer a happiness and success guarantee. When you don’t like what you ordered at a restaurant, you simply send it back. Why should marketing be any different? We’ve worked hard to develop a success and happiness guarantee that will blow your mind. It’s simple, really – if you aren’t happy with your rankings or your SEO isn’t performing as it should, you don’t pay. In other words, when you make an investment into Toronto SEO services, we guarantee you’ll see results. And the bigger the investment, the better the results. At GrowME, we practice what we preach. You’ll find us on page one for all of our main services. How? We have the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to get you to the top! Let’s get started!

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SEO Services Toronto

First-Page Guarantee

You’ve probably figured out by now that showing up on the first page of Google organically isn’t magic and it doesn’t happen by accident. You’ve probably tried dozens of search engine optimization methods found on the internet. Some of them might work and others might have you feeling like you’ve taken one step forward and two steps back.

Endeavouring to master SEO on your own can be risky. Trust us, it involves a lot of time, research, and resources. Even if you do crack the code, SEO is not set-it-and-forget-it. It’s a competition and driving for that #1 spot is a constant battle.


The truth is, first-page rankings, and the leads that come with them, can take a while, but we know we can get you there. How? Because we’ve done it for hundreds of other companies across the country. If you’re looking for Toronto SEO services that will lead to higher rankings, better results, and massive returns, talk to the Toronto SEO specialists at GrowME Marketing, where success starts with S-E-O.

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Toronto SEO & What It Takes To Get To The Top

Recent studies show user preference is trending towards results from organic search queries over other digital and traditional marketing techniques. More and more people don’t want to be told what or where to spend money. Instead, they want to find it for themselves, and it’s an expert SEO agency like us that will help them find your business faster. We perform in-depth analytics, auditing your company and industry and evaluating your market to ensure your campaign is perfectly tailored to get you the results you need. Our expertise includes the best “white-hat” SEO methods for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO and local SEO.

On-Page SEO

We like to think of your website as your online storefront — and there’s a significant difference between a dollar store and a designer boutique. Organization, expertise, and beautiful designs are things both Google and your clients will love to see. We also use on-page strategies to target more specific audiences so that every lead is a quality one.

User Experience

From restructuring your landing pages to revamping your site menu, optimizing the user experience is integral to our approach to on-page SEO. Excellent UX leads to more conversions.

Well-Written Copy

The most powerful on-page SEO is optimized for user intent with no duplicate text, no keyword stuffing, and no cloaking — just great copy that engages, informs, and adds value.

Unique Content

We’ve said it before, content is king, but only if that content is unique. We’ll make sure you don’t get penalized for duplicate, weak or thin content. There’s a whole team of writers dedicated to ensuring your site sounds amazing.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the crux of SEO. In order to get you ranking, we need to know what your potential customers are searching for. We use our super secret spy skills to discover the best keywords for your industry.

Backend Optimization

Page titles, meta descriptions, even URLs — we bring the keyword into each one to improve your CTR and give Google the correct context for each page on your site.

Internal Links & Anchor Text

Topic clusters are groups of pages on your website that feature related content. Linking between these pages, maintaining user experience, and staying away from duplicate content is a delicate balance but something Google just loves to see.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves finding high domain authority sites and submitting long-form blog content to them for publication – for a fee. Guest blogging is an art and requires the meticulous expertise of our content team and SEO technicians for perfect execution.

Directory & Citation Submissions

Not to be outdone by the flashiness of guest blogging, ongoing directory and citation submissions are the unsung heroes of off-page SEO. It can be tedious work, but we know how and where to find all the best links to boost your SEO.

Social Media

On its own, social media can be a great platform for promoting your brand and generating a following, but did you know it can also affect SEO? We leave making TikTok videos to you, but we’ll go in and make sure all your accounts are consistent and properly optimized.

Forum Activity

Posting and commenting on forums related to your business or industry provides another valuable backlink to your site and is part of our advanced SEO strategy.

Infographic Creation

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? They’re so much more engaging than your average blog. Turns out Google loves them too and submitting them to third-party sites boosts your off-page SEO to the next level.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to any SEO technique not directly tied to your website. When you’re hiring for a new position in your company, promoting internally is a great option, but oftentimes the best talent comes from external networking. Link building is the most significant aspect of off-page SEO and is the main method we use for ‘networking’ your site to external sources.

Local SEO

Nearly half of all Google searches are for a local business or service. And when the people ask, Google delivers the nearest, most prominent, and most relevant businesses. Local Toronto SEO is all about becoming one of those businesses and signalling to Google that your company is situated in a certain area and you want to get customers in that area because that just makes sense!

Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing is the backbone of your local SEO strategy. Think of it as the hub for your customers to get a snapshot of your business with everything from customer reviews to business hours.

Local Keyword Research

When we do our research to find out your top keywords, we narrow the search area to find out what consumers in your city specifically search for and care about.

NAP Consistency

Have you changed your phone number recently or moved to a new location? Local SEO requires consistency of your name, address, and phone number across every platform. If there are any inconsistencies, we’ll find them and fix them for you.

Locations Pages

Looking to set up shop in a neighbouring town or do you want more leads from other cities? Depending on your business model, we may recommend unique location landing pages or separate Google My Business listings.

Local Citations

Have you ever read an article promoting the “Top 10 Local Restaurants” in your area? Local citations take the form of lists, directories, websites, apps and essentially any compilation that mentions the name, address, and phone number of local businesses.

Page Speed & User Experience

People don’t want to wait for anything these days, especially the loading of a webpage. Slow sites reduce the user experience, and more than half of your traffic will fall off within three seconds.


When Google crawls your site, it looks for redirects, error pages, duplicate content, and metadata. Does your site have any of the above? We perform a full analysis to catch anything Google wouldn’t like.

Site Security

We employ every effort to ensure that all customer data entered on your website is secure because we’re decent humans. But it turns out Google also favours privacy protection. Implementing HTTPS ensures optimum safety.

Website Architecture

We structure every website with SEO best practices at the forefront. Whether your site has ten pages or 200, we are masters at organizing, evaluating, and optimizing your site’s structure for consistency and user experience.

Technical SEO

Much like an iceberg, or the roots of a tree, technical SEO is all about what happens below the surface. We’re continuously implementing new strategies as we keep up with the dynamism of Google’s algorithms, which change constantly. You don’t have time to keep up with the latest requirements, but we do, and we will. Like understanding the importance of switching to GA4


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Toronto Family Hearing

Toronto Family Hearing is a full-service hearing clinic with two locations in downtown Toronto. Like GrowME, the team at Toronto Family Hearing is passionate about improving the lives of their clients, but they were struggling to compete with some well-established competitors. After revamping their website, the first three months of SEO services brought a 60% increase in traffic, over 700 website visitors, 60 phone calls and 85+ leads per month — a total increase of over 100%. They also moved to the first page of Google and the top three in Maps with rankings continuing to rise.

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Choosing the Right Toronto SEO Company

How long will it take to see results from Toronto SEO?

If an SEO company is promising immediate results, the chances are they may be applying what we in the industry call gray or black hat SEO strategies. At GrowME, we want to be your long-term growth partners, and we recognize that true success comes from doing things right. So to answer your question, ranking on the first page may take 6 months, but it could take longer depending on your industry. However, you should start seeing your rankings move after only a couple of months. We track and monitor your progress regularly and continually change up strategy when we don’t see results.

How can I improve my
local SEO results?

Local SEO is an important aspect of any small or medium-sized business’ SEO strategy. It can help you show up when someone searches for businesses or places nearby. Improving your visibility with local SEO begins with optimizing your Google My Business listing. Ensure that your listing is verified and that all of your data is accurate and consistent across all platforms. You should also manage and respond to reviews, add photos, and make your listing as engaging as possible. Keep in mind that when determining local rankings for SEO, Google considers a company’s relevance, distance, and prominence. At GrowME, we know all the best SEO tips and tricks to get you ranking.

How do you guarantee results from Toronto SEO services?

At GrowME, we are committed to a growth partnership with each of our clients. We don’t treat you like a number - you become part of our family. That’s why we have a policy - you don’t pay for services; you pay for results. If the results aren’t there - you shouldn’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

What can be done about a Google penalty?

Whether from the black hat efforts of a previous SEO company, a misunderstanding of SEO or a significant change to the algorithm, your site may be penalized by Google. At GrowME, we prevent penalties as much as possible by performing a complete SEO audit as part of every new SEO strategy. We also continually monitor and check for errors. In the event of a penalty, our SEO technicians employ every effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our strategy includes disavowing spammy links, eliminating duplicate content, and making the most of your on-page SEO with high-quality content, structured headers and diverse anchor text.

How many landing pages do I need?

According to the latest SEO trends, you should have one landing page for each one of your main service offerings. When you sign up with GrowME for SEO services, we start with a detailed questionnaire to help us define your goals and understand your business. We’ll recommend landing pages based on your goals and the volume and relevance of certain keywords.