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Nice to Meet You

It began a long time ago on a beach far far away with a social media post and an idea. GrowME founder, Tarek Mohajer, wanted to know if he could help businesses grow by utilizing social media. Upon arriving back in Canada and during the midst of a massive financial crisis, The Social Media Group was born, in a storage room with little more than two employees and a dream. It took tenacity, vigour, and the right team, but Tarek’s small business eventually evolved into GrowME Marketing, a high-impact creative agency with a team of 25 serving hundreds of clients across North America. We put clients first and help them unleash the potential of their brand. Our business began by beating the odds; we can help you do the same.

What We’ve Accomplished
Along the Way

Where We Are Today
Taking Names, Kicking Butts,
& Upping Our Game

We've Been Described As:

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Sometimes our ideas are outside the box, but that’s what makes them great. We are extremely devoted to our craft and excessively enthusiastic about creating opportunities for clients to succeed.
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passionate coffee


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We are passionate about our brand, but we’re also passionate about life. There are lots of things that make us happy, but we especially love to chat about our pets, exotic travels, and fancy Vietnamese coffee.
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Creativity isn’t just about coming up with new ideas; it’s where curiosity and collaboration combine. We remain open to the incredible wonder, magic and possibility that exists all around us.
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We keep our heads in the clouds, but our feet firmly planted on the ground. We could never get where we want to go without an intuitive understanding of our industry and a healthy hunger for learning.

While We Love What We Do,
YOU Are At The Centre
of Why We Do It

Our Belief System

Honour Partnerships

We honour partnerships with a high degree of integrity, accountability, and transparency, and we expect the same from our clients. We’re interested in developing mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with businesses that are as passionate and curious as we are.

Expect Excellence

You can expect excellence from our team because we expect it from ourselves. Setting the bar high helps us to maintain a healthy amount of ambition and friendly competition. We’re proud of our long line of happy and successful clients, and we’re not about to break our streak.

Never Settle

Working with GrowME means you don’t have to settle. Our goal is to be a little better today than the day before, which means we’re constantly growing, changing, and improving ourselves and our company. With us, Every Client Stays Happy, making us a worthwhile investment.

Our Clients

Add your name to our ever-growing list of happy and successful clients.


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Add your Name to our ever-growing list of happy and successful clients

Let GrowME
Transform Your

Business Development &
Growth Strategy

We were once just like you; up and coming and full of promise. Now, we’re an industry leader; and with us, you can be too. Our growth investors will develop a research-backed and forward-thinking strategy that will lay a strong foundation and the firm pathways for successful scalability.

Implementation of Branding & Marketing Strategy

You’ll get more than venture capital in Calgary; you’ll dominate your market with the full service. We’ll create an intoxicating branding strategy alongside a complete marketing plan, which includes website design & development, branding, Calgary SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, and more. We’ll elevate your brand to the highest levels of visibility and authority.

Customer Acquisition &
Lead Generation

With influential research, planning, strategic market analysis, and brand positioning, we’ll find what makes your audience tick, what they like and what turns them into paying customers. We’ll get your business in front of their eyes and queue up the leads.

Marketing & Website Management

Our team will work together to position your brand and convey your message through every facet of marketing: blogs, social media and advertising. Designing and managing your website, we’ll optimize it for success and enhance its user experience through custom development, while executing your marketing strategy.