Founder / CEO

The visionary. Passionate about growth, technology, and marketing, Tarek is an initiator, thought leader, and trail-blazer in the Calgary business community. Tarek’s example enlivens each team member to be more, do more, and give more. His vision is what drives GrowME as we strive towards becoming the company of choice for creative and marketing solutions across Canada.

Lauren Doan

Project/Account Manager
Organization guru and website design project manager, Lauren is passionate about delivering projects that exceed client expectations. Lauren will keep your business top-of-mind and position your company for online growth.

Leah Laidlow

Marketing/Account Manager
Leah loves to make good brands stand out. Passionate about all things marketing, Leah focuses on helping businesses put their best foot forward. With a love for people and an ambitious tenacity, Leah is excited about growing with you.

Sean Ali

Marketing / SEO Strategist
If you want to take your business to the next level, Sean can help you find out who your customers are, where they shop for your products or services and turn these prospects into paying customers. He's the key to outrank, outgrow and outsell your competition!

Jordan Bedard

Content Creator
Jordan loves meeting new people and is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. As a young elementary school student, his grade 2 teacher prophecized that he would help people for a living, and she was right. His journey from student, to tree planter, to salesman has given him a wealth of experience to draw from now that he's found a home as an account manager. When he's not digging through spreadsheets and analyzing KPI's, he's either hanging out on a patio or competing on the basketball court.

Jules Mercado

Art Director
Aside from drawing and listening to music, creating outstanding designs that make clients happy is one of the things that Jules loves to do. Creativity and quality are always his key ingredients for producing topnotch designs. He always keep himself well-informed with the latest design trends and styles. You can rest assured that your projects are in good hands and will definitely attract a greater audience.

Abigail Piper

Office Manager
Abby takes care of things. That might sound vague, but there really is no better way to describe the sheer breadth of what she takes on as Office Manager. Ensuring each team has the right support isn't easy, but she manages it with grace, a bright demeanour and some good ol' fashioned country music.

Ammar Mahdi

Lead Developer
An electronics enthusiast, Ammar is always looking for the next big thing to try. He is on a constant hunt for excellence and perfection, will always look to improve the status and is never satisfied with mediocrity. Ammar makes sure all our websites are running smoothly and efficiently.

Jafar Murib

Ads Specialist
As our resident Ads Specialist, Jafar spends his day absorbing knowledge about everything to do with digital advertising. Through a secret technique handed down by his ancestors, that knowledge transforms into lush hair that he must constantly cut to further develop his skills in audience targeting and catchy headlines.

Mary Larioza

Project Coordinator
A lifelong learner and a digital marketing enthusiast, Mary had always been passionate about accomplishing a project and focuses always on providing an outstanding result. With a positive mindset, she ideally delivers exceptional support to clients ensuring they are always happy and will grow successfully.

Dulce Tolentino

Social Media Manager
Graduating from the SAIT Journalism program, it furthered her passion for working in social media and will be there to help you grow your company. Just like anyone she loves travelling and going out for a good bite.

Alex Bessant

With a background in journalism, Alex naturally finds joy in impacting others through the written word. She goes above and beyond to create engaging, creative content that clients can be proud of. When she isn't writing killer copy, she's finding inner balance with yoga, swimming, getting lost in a good book, or writing some more by writing creatively!

Edwin Magpantay

Developer & Programmer
Our technical go-to guy. Edwin is a multi-talented web maestro that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty building and coding all our websites, and ensuring everything is running smoothly for our valued customers.

Jake Mapalo

Senior Graphic Designer
As a designer, Jake focuses on creating bold, trendy, and compelling designs that strike the balance between style and substance. During his free time, he enjoys playing online games, cooking and eating. He actively participates in design community activities for fun!

Irish Tandog

Developer & Programmer
Coming Soon!

May Enriquez

Graphic Designer
May has a passion for creating beautiful and functional design. She is not just a plain designer but also a big foodie and has a love for new experiences and travel.

Michelle Jimenez

SEO Manager
Michelle has been an SEO specialist for over 8 years and counting! With a vast portfolio of successful clients from different industries, Michelle is sure to lead you in the right direction. In her free time, Michelle enjoys Moz's Whiteboard Friday's and reading Neil Patel's blogs.

Jason Itumay

SEO Lead
I am an experienced SEO strategist and lead for 14 years. Driven by passion, I take pride in providing a result driven SEO strategy to clients. As an SEO lead, my goal is to develop and implement effective SEO strategies to GrowME clients and troubled ones.

I have worked with different industries for 14 years and counting, gaining experience in SEO, APSO and CRO. As a seasoned strategist, I am always passionate about advancing my SEO approach for clients. Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling with my wife.

Goyle Holanda

SEO Tech
Goyle is business graduate and has been doing SEO since 2009. At GrowME, Goyle works with the SEO team in delivering the best links strategy for clients.Outside of work, Goyle enjoys travelling and spending time with her furry friends.

Lucille Fernandez

SEO Tech
Lucille began her SEO career in 2006 fresh from university. Over the years, she has spent time within various agencies and has managed SEO teams before joining GrowME. Lucille specializes in link building, local SEO, and technical SEO.

Donna Jimenez

PPC Specialist
After being a web designer for 4 years, Donna began her PPC journey in 2008 and the rest is history.

She specializes in conversion rate optimization, Google search and display ads, and Google Analytics.

Jill Jimenez Jr.

Advertising Tech
With years of experience working in a creative industry, Jill is capable of delivering brilliant design concept ideas, social ads, creating design of in-line advertisements, managing reports, diagnosing problems and troubleshooting. In his leisure time, he enjoys watching Star Wars movies and Zombie flicks.

What Makes Us Great

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Happiness Guarantee

We want to be your success partners, but we don’t just care about results, we care about your overall satisfaction. One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients coming from other marketing agencies is the lack of communication they experienced. Having taken the time to hone our skills as expert communicators, we listen and respond with passion and intent.

What To Expect

  • Strategic Planning & Excellent Execution
  • Transparent Communication & Proactive Project Management
  • Accelerated Return On Investment
  • Perfected Customer Experience & Ultimate Peace Of Mind
Wondering whether to hire an in-house marketing team or to out-source with us? Your money will always go further with GrowME. Incorporating the diversity and skill offered by large agencies and the specialized, personal approach of a boutique marketing firm, we have perfected the customer experience and discovered a model proven to deliver the best ROI. Pay less for GrowME’s team of experts than for a single in-house marketing employee.

Everything You Need

  • Professional Leadership and Management Team
  • Talented Design and Development Team
  • Full Digital Marketing Team (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Advertising)
digital marketing agency Calgary

Worthwhile Investment

Calgary SEO

Passion & Commitment

We’re proud of where we’ve come from, we’re excited about where we’re going, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride. Our passion lies in bolstering your business growth and delivering websites and branding strategies that will out-perform your best salespeople. At its heart, GrowME is a group of artists, committed and devoted to various crafts. And while we love what we do, you, our client, is at the centre of why we do it.

Our GrowME Values

  • Everyone Deserves Respect
  • We Expect Accountability
  • Communication is Key
  • Passion For Our Craft

No Business Dream Is Too Far For The GrowME Expert Team

Create sales opportunities and leads with a plan that is comprehensive and wide ranging, including all the technological advancements in communication

Contact us today and benefit from our marketing experts. We will ensure that we will research and create a marketing strategy for your business that will be effective and efficient. With strong and well-informed marketing practices in place, you can be more confident and in control of where your business is headed.

It’s All In The Details

Our proprietary approach to scaling business growth

Discovery & Partnership

GrowME is more than just a marketing agency. As a team of talented designers, developers, writers, administrators, innovators, and strategists, there is tremendous power in our collective minds brainstorming, planning, and working together for the growth of your company. From the initial consultation to the official onboarding and beyond, you’ll discover that nothing about GrowME’s process is cookie-cutter.

Research & Analysis

Our advertising agency remains current with every new update to Google and every shift in the marketing industry. We launch our industry-specific research for your campaign from our foundation of extensive market knowledge and experience. Relevant research and analysis allow us to help you create appropriately targeted advertising campaigns and a brand that will resonate with your focus clientele.

Branding & Strategy

Reaching your growth goals comes down to having the right strategy, and at GrowME, we are masters at developing killer strategies to help you knock out and blow past your competition. Success begins by understanding that a powerful branding strategy impacts everything from brand positioning and public perception to online visibility and lead trajectory.

Launch Your Campaign

Whether you’ve come to us for a new custom website design, content marketing, SEO strategy, print materials, or brand research and analytics, we deliver a flawless launch of your campaign and execution of all tangible deliverables. We create websites designed to be your best salesperson, supported by materials to build brand awareness and generate and convert quality leads.

Evaluate & Optimize

The job of a digital marketing agency is never complete, and so your journey with GrowME never truly comes to an end. With consistent changes to the ways we access information, neverending algorithmic updates, and organic shifts to consumer perceptions and perspectives, you don’t need a company just to build you a new website and then move on to the next client. You need a marketing agency willing to partner with you for the long term, continually supplying you with research, advice, and support on your journey to better growth. At GrowME, we consistently evaluate, analyze, adjust, and optimize your marketing strategy.


Our Clients

We develop lasting partnerships with top brands and businesses who share our values and want results. Those we partner with commend us for the personalized approach and attentive devotion they receive from our team.


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