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Here’s the part where we tell you about our amazing results, right? How we have a “Seven Stage Formula for Success” or our “Satisfaction Guarantee.” Maybe we refer back to those impressive numbers regarding site traffic or something. We could do that, but we won’t. GrowME understands that what’s most important to our clients isn’t our business; it’s yours. You’ve told us your stories about poor communication, lacklustre results and mediocre rankings with other SEO companies in Canada. You’ve come to us as fresh-faced entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike, and we’ve learned something from every one of our client’s stories. Our hope is to share that knowledge with you and grow our businesses together. Let’s grow!

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We develop lasting partnerships with top brands and businesses who share our values and want results. Those we partner with commend us for the personalized approach and attentive devotion they receive from our team.

The Best Parts of Canadian SEO Services: Cooperation & Communication

When it comes to SEO services in Canada, one of the most powerful components is the data we collect. From impressions, lead quality and website traffic to conversion and bounce rates, custom metrics and more, our progress reports help keep you up-to-date with how your campaign is progressing. We work to keep our clients engaged in the process so that they can share in our successes and offer meaningful feedback every step of the way. Keep your ROI high in the sky with GrowME through useful cooperation and effective communication.

GrowME's SEO Formula For Success Fits Your Business Perfectly

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STAGE 1The Discovery Stage

The first step is to find out who you are, what your business is all about and how we are going to make you successful. We have an initial onboard meeting where you ask you a specific set of questions to start us off in the direction towards success.


STAGE 2Research & Planning

No marketing campaign is effective without proper research and planning. This is the stage we find out what your customers are searching when they are seeking your products or services and how we are going to get your business in front of their eyes online. The main areas of focus here is the Keyword Research, Site Audit and Link Research


STAGE 3Site Wide Optimizations

In order for our SEO to be a success your website first needs to be ready for both search engines to like it and for visitors to want to stay on it. Our experts know exactly what to do with your site.


STAGE 4Full Online Audit & Optimizations

Our Search Engine Masterminds scour the Internet and find every online footprint your business has left behind. This is important because we have to make sure everything is perfect in terms of following Google's rules. If we find any mistakes we fix them for you. This process can sometimes be a long process but we know exactly what to do from here.


STAGE 5Campaign Launch

Launching your campaign is kind of like launching multiple campaigns in one. We have teams that build your links, write your blogs, post to your social profiles and manage your online advertising campaigns and they all help in achieving your SEO goals.


STAGE 6Reporting & Success Tracking

We provide detailed monthly reporting that shows your progress on your rankings, web traffic and the amount of leads you are getting every month. Not enough? We also follow up with you on a monthly basis to chat ideas, progress and success planning.


STAGE 7Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed increase in traffic, leads and rankings


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In essence, SEO agencies in Canada all have the same goals: increasing online visibility, improving SERP rankings and optimizing landing pages and websites. These goals help frame our services for our clients and let us know when what we’re doing is right. Although our goals are shared, the ways that we go about achieving them can differ dramatically. 


Some companies focus on the nitty-gritty technical stuff, like optimizing HTML, disavowing bad links or heavily monitoring their PPC campaigns. Other companies focus more on creating valuable content, choosing eye-catching imagery or engaging their customers on social media. At GrowME, we do it all. Our dev, SEO, ads, content, design, social media and project management TEAMS ensure that you get a complete approach to your marketing campaign. 


As a full-service agency, we handle every part of your marketing campaign, starting with our onboarding process. Right off the bat, we do:

  • Complete SEO audits to identify good and bad links, current rankings and areas of improvement
  • Rewrites, additions or modifications of content to improve landing pages
  • Back-end optimizations, including title tag, meta descriptions, URL and HTML adjustments for best practices
  • One-on-one account management meetings to discuss dynamic marketing strategies and the status of your campaign
  • Website redesigns, including selecting high-quality images to represent your brand
  • Google, YouTube, Facebook and other advertising platform management


We also handle print materials, branding and so much more. Basically, if you want to advertise your business across a diverse range of platforms and audiences, you need to call GrowME.


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Every business and every industry has its own set of problems to overcome. Sometimes, the market is oversaturated, and one must be ultra-unique to stand out from the crowd. Other times, the market is so niche or cutting-edge that just telling people about it is enough to drive sales. Therefore, what matters most isn’t a uniform approach. It’s how an SEO company in Canada adapts to the industry and the company. A personalized strategy that increases website traffic or builds links, or does both and a third thing are what ultimately leads to success. Through deep research, years of experience and a genuine interest in your success, GrowME aims to provide this for all our clients.  

You’re In Good Hands with GrowME’s SEO Services

Alright Canada, you’ve heard what we have to offer. A full-service SEO agency in Canada that values your business and strives for excellence in all that we do; that’s GrowME Marketing in a nutshell. We do this across Canada, in all major cities, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Saskatoon
  • Winnipeg
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa

Don’t worry if you aren’t from one of these locations; we’d still love to help grow your business. Our client’s success is our success, after all. So why not try a different strategy, a little boost or a partnership with a company that can support your rapid growth? Whatever your needs, our team is here to help you grow.

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GrowME has done marketing in almost every industry out there. Just let us know what you want to see and we can most likely show it to you
For all SEO related keywords that bring us valuable traffic we rank in the top 5 positions on all major search engines
We measure success by increasing 3 numbers for your business exponentially: traffic to your site, your rankings and the amount of online leads you get. We track this for you by showing these numbers in a detailed monthly report that is sent to you
Our SEO process is a 7 step journey that ends in your guaranteed success. Please read our Success Formula on this page above
Our strategies are all adaptable to any industry we take on. The success is all dependant on our research and planning stage where we figure out exactly what your business needs to dominate the search engines