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Your logo encompasses your brand. It reflects the values of your company, how you perceive your work, and how you interact with customers. It’s how people recognize your business and grow to love your company. It’s why having a unique logo design in Calgary can make all the difference for your brand. GrowME Marketing understands this better than anyone else – our logo distinguishes us as the best of the best. We start with a blank canvas and your ideas. From there, we’ll create a unique logo for your company, one that encapsulates your values and is instantly recognizable in your industry. Whether you’re launching a new business, expanding your operations or need a refresh, our design team has the creativity and scope to design a logo that takes your business to the next level. 

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How Our Agency Creates Your Logo
Design in Calgary

You know your logo is important. We know that too. Now, you need to know how GrowME will approach designing, creating and implementing your logo into your SEO strategy, so it becomes recognizable to your potential customers. Our process is simple: we consult, we plan, we create, and it ends with success. Here is how our agency creates your logo design in Calgary

& Brainstorming

& Planning



Consultation & Brainstorming

By asking the right questions, we understand what your business stands for, your vision, values, and goals, and how your logo will reflect it all.

  • Company Questionnaires
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Industry Analysis & Trend

Only by developing relationships with you, can we create a logo that is the heart of your company’s values and future goals. With audience and market analysis, specific questionnaires and industry trends, we’ll create a logo that resonates with your clients before incorporating it into your SEO strategy. Here is a great article from Forbes outlining the importance of a great logo design.

Finding your niche is all about unlocking the potential of your business. As great as your logo is, it is limited in how it reaches your desired audience. With a branding and SEO strategy, we can push your logo out to potential customers, establishing your company in the process. This solid foundation will help your logo become universally recognizable.


Research & Planning

Your logo is more than just a symbol of your business – it’s part of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll incorporate your logo design into your clearly defined plan, carving a niche in your industry and setting you apart from your competitors. Your logo is at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Logo & Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • SEO Strategy


Logo Creation

From the colours to the shape, from the font to the tone, we clearly define your logo, so it stands out from the rest. Your unique one-of-a-kind logo will reflect your company’s visual and verbal identity and will be used as a base to generate interest in your business.

  • Reflecting Brand Identity 
  • Font, Tone, Style 
  • Unique Logo 

Your logo is more than just a ‘brand face’. It’s a symbol, and it tells a story. As a Calgary logo design agency, we’ll create a narrative behind your design. It will resonate with your target audience, capturing their attention and turning them into loyal followers. We’ll incorporate that narrative into your SEO strategy, ensuring your logo and brand is at the forefront of all messaging, website content, social media and blog posts, and much more.

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Edwards Injury Law
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We count on your expertise to make us seen and heard. We have implemented all of your recommendations and are confident in your abilities. Your team is amazing. Looking forward to another successful year with you guys!
Lakeview Insurance
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I can honestly say that the GrowME team has exceeded our expectations. We noticed a difference almost immediately. They’ve grown our online presence exponentially. I was surprised by how knowledgeable they were creating a website for us specific to our industry.
Sunik Roofing
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GrowME Marketing is an exceptional company, We hired them to develop our website and increase our Google rankings. We have used other companies and they all let us down. Not GrowME. They followed through and then some!
Calgary PPF
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Not only did they produce a fully operational e-commerce website for us in a service-based industry, but their SEO strategies elevated us up to the top of the pile, driving up sales in clearly measurable ways. GrowME has shifted our niche marketplace, placing us on top of our competitors
Clever Daycare
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Everyone on the team is absolutely professional, attentive, and highly responsive. Whenever we have any concerns they address it immediately for us. They always go above and beyond! Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Competitive Edge
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GrowME has helped us redesign our website and has been providing SEO services for our sports therapy clinic. They have done a great job and we are happy to see a steady stream of new clients coming through our doors that found us online!

Why Have A Great Logo Designed

Having a great logo design in Calgary serves many purposes. It sends a message of professionalism, is the foundation of a compelling marketing campaign that builds your brand, and has the power to convert people into loyal customers. A professionally designed logo is paramount for the success of your business.


A properly designed logo means professionalism. It shows your company is serious, legitimate and tells your potential customers that you’re committed to serving them. A uniquely designed logo projects a professional image, and most importantly, gives a great first impression.


A distinct logo is the beginning of your company’s campaign. It conveys your business’ vision and is at the forefront of your branding and SEO strategy. Consumers crave consistency - and our strategy will ensure it connects with them on an intimate level, establishing your brand identity.


We have the same goal: creating a logo that is universally recognized in your industry. Your unique logo will be more than an image; it will be a point of recognition for clients and convey to potential customers that your business is professional and trustworthy.

Partner With Our Logo Design Agency

At the Heart of Your Brand is YOU

We’re excited to tell your story. We want to be part of your success, and your logo is part of that. But we can’t do it without you! The best logos come from relationships where trust and respect are established. It’s how we’ll operate with you. 


As the leading Calgary logo design agency, we believe in developing a relationship with you. Only by understanding your vision and goals can we create a logo that reflects and tells the story of your company. You’re at the heart of the story and an integral part of our creative and strategic process. Partnering with us means having a logo that draws from your company’s values and is part of your digital strategy. 

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Don’t stress about pressing the refresh button. It can really boost your business. Companies, small and large, do it all the time. They reinvigorate and reinvent their logo, bringing a new wave of excitement to their brand. You can do the same to great effect, too.

Your logo should be the face of your digital marketing campaign. GrowME understands the importance of having a digital presence – it’s how we transformed ourselves into a leading agency. We’ll do the same for your logo, maximizing its potential in the digital sphere. 

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Do you think your logo is perfect the way it is? Maybe your campaign isn’t working as it should? We don’t have to start from scratch. We can analyze your current digital campaign, find the holes in it and completely switch it over. We’ll clarify your message and position your logo front and centre.

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