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Design, ambience and functionality. Electricity is more than just ‘lights’ and ‘power.’ It’s about creating an environment that elevates a property’s level of comfort. It’s to create an atmosphere where people feel relaxed and can strive for something better. Colz Electric understands this better than most. As the leading electrician in Calgary, they have the focus and implementation standards to create a perfect home or office environment. 


They can produce an ambience that elevates your comfort in a design that suits your needs and wants while providing functionality to maintain and manage your power easily. Anything and everything you want in your property can be managed by their trained team of Calgary electricians


So the next time you need electrical services in Calgary, don’t settle for local electricians that just “do the job”. Go for something more. Go for Colz Electric and watch your quality of life improve through their high-standard services and expertise. 


Why Choose Colz Electric as
Your Calgary Electrician?

Colz Electric understands that to deliver quality for their customers, they first have to provide their customers with what they need. As such, they are dedicated to providing a wealth of residential and commercial services to their customers, including:

With their experience in the field, they can assist homes and businesses with aluminum wiring, break, outlets and switches replacements, the installation of fire alarm, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, uploading electrical surge protection devices and security camera installation. You can also expect them to upgrade your power systems, including your home lighting, energy conservation systems, and electrical panels in Calgary.


Furthermore, with electrical inspections, they can detect potential problems with your power system and suggest any upgrades or repairs that might be necessary. With new construction and remodelling experience, they can assist with maintenance and ensure your new property is connected to the grid and fully functional.

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Colz Electric is the master electrician that you can trust. With a team of highly trained Calgary electricians available 24-hours a day, you have access to the city’s best electrical company whenever you need them. 


From planning unique layouts for your home or business to assisting with installations of all sorts, Colz Electric can manage all power systems to create your desired atmosphere while maintaining optimal function. Their mission is to create an environment that truly reflects your lifestyle and needs. Their professional results, as well as trust and value, is how they can provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. 


If you have any questions about their services or need electrical repairs in Calgary, don’t waste time – speak to one of their team at 403-770-3030 today.

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