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Static Page Layout

  • A static page layout is the most basic web design layout you can get. It is not mobile-friendly and won’t adapt to your user’s browsers. Typically, this type of website is from the past. Now, if you want to be successful in this generation you need an upgrade.

Liquid Page Layout

  • The liquid page layout adapts to the width of the browser but because it uses percentages instead of pixels, it may not adapt appropriately. On very large browsers, the content may stretch out too far. You know the type, where you see a full paragraph stretched into one line and vice versa for smaller browsers where the content looks too crowded – it’s an upgrade but is it the best? Probably not.

Adaptive Page Layout

  • The adaptive page layout detects the width of the browser and alters the layout but uses fixed widths that define the web layout adaptively. Although, if a browser’s dimensions are set between fixed widths the page will not adjust correctly, meaning some content may not end up in the right place. This type of page layout creates a good temporary website as it can be done faster than the responsive layout, but it still isn’t the very best you can get, and you can do better.

Responsive Page Layout

  • The responsive page layout uses both relative units and media queries, accommodating any browser width, narrow or wide. Further, it is designed first to fit a mobile device then stretched to fit on any tablet or desktop. If you are looking for a mobile-friendly website, this is the best choice, but keep in mind, it will take longer to design and develop. You’ve reached the best you can get; your users can see your website on any browser including their mobile devices.

Are You Getting the Best for Your Company with Your Website Design Package?

Remember, a company can build you a pretty website. But, are they including the content needed for a better Google rank? What are your consumers searching to find your products or services? The correct content includes keywords to ensure your customers find your website during their search. 

For example, if you were an ice cream shop named Margarets, you wouldn’t want to be showing up in Google for just Margarets. How are consumers supposed to know that you are an ice cream shop? A consumer will search “ice cream shop calgary”, and Margarets needs to have visibility for that search. By having the correct headings and content on your website, the keywords such as “ice cream shop calgary” will reach the consumer accordingly.

Not only is content crucial on your website but also on your social media accounts. A good design company also links your social media posts to your website, gaining more traffic for your site. Blogs are also integral to your strategy for gaining exposure to your website, again, using keywords that your consumers search to reach them.

If you paid for a website and you find that you aren’t ranking for certain keywords you may feel like you’ve been ripped off. Look at your headings; do they say generic titles such as Home, About, Services, Contact? If they do, you have a problem. Your titles should rank for keywords that potential consumers are searching for, such as: ice cream calgary, ice cream shop Calgary, etc. Now, scroll through some content on your website; can you click any words that direct you to another page of yours, allowing your consumer to get more information about what you do? These words are also keywords you are trying to rank for in Google! If you haven’t found any yet, again, you may start to feel like you’ve been ripped off.

Main Factors Influencing Prices of Website Design

Why do quotes you have received from different web design company’s range from one extreme to the other? What does this mean? Why is one quote so cheap and the other out of this world?

The first thing to mention is that the cheapest website is NOT the best way to go. Your website is a significant part of your business,  and shouldn’t be an element you want to cheap out on.

The cheapest website posted online ranges around $499, but this will be as basic as basic can get. It will have no proper content or headings, and will likely not be mobile-friendly, either. Why even bother with something like this?

The most expensive website design ever built was $18,000,000! Yep, that is 18 MILLION DOLLARS! Now, of course, this is outrageous unless you are the US Government!

So what is a fair price to pay, for a good website, that gives you true value for your money? Well, here are some of the factors that go into a web design price:

  • Account Services – this is your frontline customer service rep that communicates your ideas to their team and sees your project through to the end.
  • Planning – After understanding your web design vision, how does the web design company align your objectives with your consumers? They extensively research your consumers and how to reach them effectively.
  • Design – Now, your design company focuses on the branding, themes, perceptions, photos, font selections and many more visual aspects going into your custom website. A good company shows you the progress of your website and allows you to critique, voice your opinions and ideas, and emboldens you to fully reach the breath-taking vision you have.
  • Development – This part of the project is the largest, and normally, a company will have a credited website developer that works on the front and backends of your website.
  • Deployment – Time to “Go Live!” Letting the whole Internet world see your completed website is your time to make the “first impression” to the world! Make sure you proof it before going live.
  • Payroll – Now that you see the extensive process of developing a custom, quality website, you can appreciate buying the design company’s expertise and personnel. The creative and technical workers that get your project done right is what it all boils down too. From start to finish a project can take approximately 150-300 hours for a good design company to complete. The best price, for great quality, with a design company truly working for your best interests is around $3,500 – $5,000.

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