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Bold Minimalism with Engaging Photographs

With bright and bold minimalism, you won’t scare off potential customers because of the simplicity of it. In fact, simple web design will almost never go out of style, and minimalism doesn’t have to be boring with the vibrant colours and large fonts. You have plenty of interesting online interfaces that you could potentially take advantage of. You can also use the photos to match your brand.

Polished Web Applications

As an independent consultant who specializes in web application design, Jane Portman has published action content about the UI and Breakfast brand. She talks about how polished web applications will be one of the digital trends to watch. How do you figure out if the user has gotten the best value? You keep improving the tools for them.

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Interactive Content

Josh Haynman, the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, has said that we will see online marketing trends take a turn for a more personalized approach, and it will also be a more interactive experience. You will connect with the brands and push out content like quizzes, polls and games, which will deliver a more engaging experience for users. This will be the year that draws people in because of how it asks challenging and personal questions, and it will deliver a resource to them based on how the person responds.

Your local Calgary web design company can help to bring you up to speed on this. You will have access to the correct resources that will help you with some of the trends of the internet.

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