Optimizing Your Website for SEO

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Use Relevant Keywords

An important part of optimizing your website is making sure your keywords are relevant to your website. Relevant keywords can attract audiences who will be more interested in what your website has to offer and are more likely to become recurring visitors.


A good way to find relevant keywords is to think about what your website is about. Then think of keywords or phrases relevant to that topic. For example, if your website is about golf club reviews, your keywords should relate to golf clubs or golf club reviews.


Optimize Keyword Density

Optimizing your website’s keyword density is extremely important. Many times, websites will be stuffed with too many keywords in an attempt to increase their search ranking. However, keyword stuffing can actually hurt your search ranking, causing your website to appear lower on search engines.


Making sure you avoid keyword stuffing is important when creating a website. However, if your keyword density is too low, it won’t help your search ranking either. It’s always a good idea to make sure your keyword density is between one and three percent of the page’s total content.


Use Keywords in Content

Typically, inserting the keywords into your website does improve your search engine optimization. However, another way to use keywords to improve your search engine ranking is using your keywords within the content itself. For example, use one of your keywords as the alt-text of an image on your website.


Other good practices include using one of your keywords in a heading or subheading on your page or placing the keyword within the first paragraph on pages with text. As well, make sure the first instance of the keyword is formatted in bold.



Making sure your website’s keywords are properly optimized is extremely important. These keyword optimization practices can vastly improve your website’s search ranking, and help you avoid common mistakes that could harm your website.


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