Use These 2017 Online Trends to Make The Most of Your Calgary Social Media

Marketing Calgary Social Media

Fatigue of Fast Updates on Calgary Social Media

Bite-sized updates that arrive at a frantic pace is exciting at first, but social media users are getting tired of this approach. Platforms are responding by offering ways to share more detailed and interesting content. Your social media marketing should reflect this by including content that is useful, interesting, and engaging.

Vicarious Experiences are Expected from Social Media Marketing

Calgary social media users want more than a brief update about an event, they want to feel like they are actually there. Live video, real-time posting, and 360-degree images help users feel like they are part of the action and should be part of the content you post.

Companies Focus Calgary Marketing on Limited Social Media Platforms

With the variety of social media platforms available and new ones emerging and struggling to survive all the time, it’s impractical for companies to maintain a presence on all of them. Instead, it’s best to focus Calgary marketing on one or two social media platforms that fit well with your marketing strategy and produce consistent results.

Mobile Users Can’t be Ignored

The number of social media users who access their accounts on mobile devices has been rising for awhile and it continues to grow. If you don’t already have your online Calgary marketing set up to optimize on mobile devices, don’t wait any longer.

Social media is a constantly changing field. Staying on top of online trends can help you make the most of this important aspect of an online marketing strategy. Use these current trends to help boost your social media marketing.

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