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Are you looking to hire a website design company in Calgary? Do you want to avoid that guy who works out of Grandma’s basement who can never be reached? How do you compare website design companies in Calgary? GrowME has decided to help clients make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a person or company to build their website.

How to Research a Web Designer:

    1. Portfolio – ask to see their portfolio for examples of websites they have built in the same price range as yours. Do you like the work? The chances that your website will be built similarly are high.
    2. Testimonials – ask the company to show you reviews from their customers; this will provide an idea of the quality and experience that people have received from them in the past.
    3. Process – who will manage the project and who will do the mechanical work? Who will be your main contact during the project? Do they have people behind the scenes that will be working on the project like graphic designers, programmers and copywriters? It is crucial to have a relationship with the key person handling your project to have open, direct communication.
    4. Content – Website content is a vital part of your webpage. This will increase traffic to the site, and the company you choose must provide quality content that shows up in search engines with popular keywords for your consumers to find you when they are searching for your services. Have they researched the keywords that will best suit your consumer searches?
    5. Final Changes – Once the website is live, will the company be there for you to make any changes or fixes that are needed? Some companies will charge you for every update once the page goes live so ensure you have gone through this before you are charged extra.
    6. Project Cost – Are you getting the price and quality you deserve? A webpage can cost anywhere from $300 – $10,000. It is said that a good quality webpage can be designed for a small business between $2,500-$7,500, but the function determines the price. Will you have a number of products constantly changing and updating, or will you have a shopping cart function where consumers can purchase products directly from your website? We would consider this a higher-end website, most likely closer to the $7,500 range.

Things to Select for When Choosing a Website Design Company:

    • Ensure their design and work is the quality you desire
    • Meet with the manager or person you will be working with to get a feel for their ideas and vision
    • Examine the contract and ensure there are no hidden costs

Why Choose GrowME?

    • GrowME Marketing has a secure server that is backed up constantly, eliminating the chance of data being lost or hacked
    • GrowME is here for you every step of the way. We research your company, competition, and industry to place you into the best possible online position for exposure gains and webpage traffic from your consumers
    • We have fair-price quoting with no hidden costs
    • Our websites are modern, easy to manage and provide you with the training to control them on your own

Our Website Design Process

    • First, a free consultation for us to get an idea of what you are looking for
    • We make a quote and discuss it with you
    • We send a detailed questionnaire so that we have a greater understanding of what you wish to include on your webpage
    • Our team researches your competition, industry and business to begin building your webpage
    • Our search engine optimization and social media teams will design your website so it is both search engine and social media friendly as needed
    • Next, we will send you a test site where you will be able to view the progress of the project
    • Once we finalize the test site and confirm it with you it will go live
    • Want to make extra changes once the website is live? No problem, give us a call and we can change that for you – no extra cost

We hope you enjoyed our post and got the information you were looking for!

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