As of January 2020, Twitter had approximately 6.88 million active users in Canada. That’s 6.88 million potential followers and customers. However, it takes more than just creating a Twitter profile to reach them.

It requires Twitter marketing.

Twitter marketing is just like all other marketing platforms – Facebook, Google, Instagram – in which a plan is centred around creating, publishing, and distributing content to your audience based on your marketing objectives. That can vary depending on what you want to achieve: attract new followers, boost lead conversions, improve brand recognition, or increase sales.

Yet, why use Twitter when there are other social media platforms? Why would you want to invest the time and money in creating a profile and content for a platform that’s like all the others?  Why pay a digital marketing agency to use it effectively?

Because Twitter is unique.

What Makes Twitter Unique?

Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool that can influence your business. While Facebook dominates in terms of personalization, and Instagram is only about photos, Twitter rules the roast when it comes to simplicity and responsiveness.

Significantly, it allows your business to converse with your followers. A simple Tweet, of a maximum of 280 characters, allows your company to respond quickly to current clients, potential customers and loyal followers. Why does this matter? Customers love to hear back from complaints and when acquiring support. They want instant responses to any questions, queries or concerns they have. And what better way to give it to them than with a simple Tweet?

In terms of engagement, well, expect a lot of snapbacks. But you can make it work to your advantage. A snarky remark, a faux pas, or a helpful approach can change the attitude of your customers, getting them back on your side. You can’t do that with emails, chat boxes or automated machines.

You can also fire off consecutive tweets without spanning your customers’ feeds. If the same were to be done on your Facebook business page, it would seem like you’re spanning your followers with branded content. On Twitter, it doesn’t come off like that. It’s concise and straight to the point.

And that makes Twitter unique.


The Benefits Of Twitter Marketing

Monitoring and Improving Your Brand

Increasing brand awareness is a critical part of your social media marketing. Twitter is a significant factor in that success. By tweeting continuously to customer concerns, promoting blog content, videos and presentations, and commenting on industry news, with a focused target audience, you’ll increase followers and further grow your brand. In fact, according to Brandwatch, 54% of users said that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets, such as visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting the content itself.

But it’s more than just posting tweets about your company. It’s about engaging customers on the latest news and trends. By keeping up and tweeting about the latest trends in your industry, you’re showing that your business is in touch with customers and their needs. Whether the response is humorous, direct or not, it all aids in building your brand – which you can monitor to your own metrics.

Where else, but social media will customers complain about companies? Watching what consumers are saying about your product, brand, company, or service is a valuable tool that can be used to your benefit.

Establish Stronger Relationships

We mentioned above: Twitter is excellent for responding to customers. It’s easy to use, and its simple interactivity makes it a haven for conversation and interaction, especially compared to Facebook. Over time, this direct approach will build stronger relationships with your customers.

Such is the effectiveness of interacting with clients, even Twitter itself reported benefits. According to their report, it “costs one-sixth as much as call centers, can lead to over 95% of issues being resolved, and can achieve a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%”.

But those interactions can result in more than just more followers. You’ll get instant feedback about your products and services, which can aid business development. Taking advice on customer information can show that you’re listening. That shows a level of loyalty that some companies can’t be bothered with. These customers will turn to loyal followers, who will, in turn, become paying customers.

Improve Your Organic SEO 

All the best SEO companies will tell you the same thing: social media marketing helps your SEO.

Google actually uses social signals from social media to rank your website. According to a study completed by cognitive SEO, the higher the average number of shares, comments, and likes a brand has, the higher its website rank actually is.

Yet, it’s more than that.

Google recognizes the link between your website and your Twitter account, which is a powerful link. Next, tweets that generate interest mean that you’re trying to be professional and interactive with your business profile. Google will also pick up that your Twitter account is active, so there’s another tick to your SEO box.

All these points, coupled with the benefits of followers, likes and comments will only push your SEO upwards. Higher rankings mean more website traffic and a stronger brand presence. This cycle of success (interaction – engagement – website traffic – high rankings – stronger brand) is due to your Twitter marketing.


Making It Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Creating a Twitter marketing campaign follows the same steps if you were creating any other social media marketing strategy:

  • Research audience and demographics
  • Create engaging content that hooks the audience
  • Schedule the ideal time to post the content
  • Analyze its impact and results

Follow this (or rather the social media marketing agency you’ve hired will follow this), and your campaign will be set in stone.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make Twitter part of your overall social media marketing campaign. Although it is powerful on its own – and depending on your industry it can really work well on its own – it can be even better when aligned with other social media platforms.

Syncing all your social media platforms can spread your influence. You can use it to target specific audiences. Use Twitter for customer service, Facebook for the “personal” side of your company, and LinkedIn for professional posts. The cost of social media marketing as a bundle won’t be as costly as you think either. Once again, it all depends on your goals.

But regardless of what they are, make sure you include Twitter as part of your social media marketing campaign. It will greatly impact your business for the better – and is definitely worth it.

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