Social Media Tools

Marketing Calgary Social Media

1. PicMonkey

The easy annotation tools of PicMonkey have made this one of the top Calgary social media tools. Draw, write, and add stickers, frames, and more to your photo. This is great for creating custom social media graphics.

2. CloudApp

This tool works well for internal image sharing. Through CloudApp, you can store images on the internet and give quick links to them for a fast share.

3. Easel.Ly

Through an interactive layout, you can embed charts and photos. You might begin with the pre-built template. You can also start from scratch if you want to give a custom feel.

4. Placeit

One of the coolest things about Placeit is how you can integrate it with your app or website to make for some cool stock photos. Pick out a background from the Placeit library and upload the screenshot. The social media marketing software does the rest of the work.

5. Social Image Resizer Tool

A large number of aspect ratios and sizes work on social networks but sometimes a photo might be too large to upload.  You can sort all this out with this social media tool.

6. Recite

Ever wanted to take quotes to the next level? You can do this and post your social media updates as quotes.

7. Photovisi

A collage maker, image collages have become one of the most popular photos on Instagram for businesses that are doing marketing in Calgary. They’ve managed to come to Twitter and Facebook, also. This is handy if you want to upload multiple photos to a post without them clogging up your followers’ feeds.

You have plenty of social media tools to help you with designing the perfect images for your next post. Taking the time to market yourself properly, you will likely see a big difference in the level of engagement on your social media page.

There are tons of tools out there that allow you to be creative with your social media platforms.

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