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The 3 Most Powerful Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Faster Communication That Establishes Relationships

Queueing up on the phone has always been seen as a time-consuming annoyance for customers; they want to speak to a representative as soon as possible. They now have that opportunity through social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow customers to ask questions, sort out problems and provide feedback. Businesses – large and small – can help clients with all their needs then and there, thanks to instant communication. Customers now see businesses as willing to help them when they need it, instead of brushing them off.

This also helps establish a strong bond between customers and companies going forward. Brands that use social media platforms to communicate with their customers see growth in connections and brand-loyalty.

Boosts Your Organic Visibility

SEO is still considered a valuable necessity when it comes to businesses’ online objectives. However, many people don’t know the hidden potential benefits that come with social media marketing – and how it links to SEO.

Social media platforms acts as a backlink to SEO, by providing quality links back to the website. Search engines like Google view these connections as another organic link to the business and are considered ‘white-hat’ SEO.

By having a constant and active social media profile, you are increasing the chances of boosting the popularity and the ranking of your site on search engines.

Building Brand Power

Social media will not bring in more leads or higher conversions (well not as high as Google Adwords or organic SEO), but it will provide businesses with the power to showcase their brand. And building your brand is a powerful tool to maximize.

The more your brand is out in the open, the more your logo is seen, the more interaction you have with customers, the more your reputation can build. And social media is the way to do it.

Having an active social media campaign can ensure that your brand’s power will grow, becoming a go-to point for many customers that seek your products or services. You’re not going to experience a high volume of sales through social media, but you will maximize your brand’s potential, which will lead to more sales down the line.

Don’t let your business be pushed aside by companies maximizing the potential of social media. If you need advice or want to kick-start a social media profile, reach out to a digital marketing agency in Calgary to help get started.

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