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Give Sneak Peaks on Calgary Social Media

When an image only lasts for seconds, it makes it natural to use it as a sneak peek. Give glimpses of new products or services to generate interest and get people talking about your business on social media in Calgary.


Offer Coupons through Social Media Marketing

Coupons are another way to use Snapchat for social media marketing. Send images with a discount code or keyword that customers can use to save money when they buy something from your business. You can get creative with this and offer special deals to get people excited. For example, some companies offer secret menu items that are only available that day.

Host a Competition with a Marketing Company

Snapchat is great for hosting competitions; if you don’t mind giving something away, this is an ideal way to generate interest and promote your brand. A digital marketing company can help you determine what kind of competition is best for your company, but some options include things like drawings, treasure hunts, and games.

Provide VIP Access through Social Media

Online users love seeing stories unfold and Snapchat is a great way to deliver current images. Give followers VIP treatment by sharing an inside look at events or promotions on social media.

Use these tips to get your creativity flowing on Snapchat and talk to a marketing company if you want more ideas for improving your online marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is always changing! It’s great to try new ideas for your company.

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