Increasing Engagement

Marketing Calgary Social Media

Increase Engagement on Calgary Social Media

Make the most of your social media marketing with these tips for improving engagement:

  • Highlight employees Use social media to highlight your hardworking employees and show customers the human side of your business.
  • Share personal videos – Short, personal videos are fun to watch. Answer a question, say thanks, give an office tour, or more to catch viewers’ interest.
  • Respond to posts – If someone tags your company in a post or tweet, take time to respond. Acknowledging comments, questions, and complaints is a great way be part of the conversation.
  • Share posts – Share and comment on things posted by others. This helps you stay active in the community, and makes your content more likely to be shared in return for better Calgary SEO.
  • Use hashtags creatively – Come up with a fun hashtag and encourage users to post photos using your hashtag. Get permission from users to repost top photos on your Calgary social media page.
  • Ask questions – Questions that give people a chance to talk about themselves are often popular, so ask about things such as what they like, if they have weekend plans, or where they went on vacation.
  • Post quality content – People enjoy learning information, so sharing quality content about your field is a great way to connect with target customers. It also helps boost Calgary SEO.

Boost Social Media Marketing with Engagement

Being active on social media helps you stay involved in the community and increase engagement with your customer base. Using these tips helps your business participate in the social media conversation for more effective social media marketing.

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