Branding On Social Media

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Consider the Design and Graphical Elements

Your logo, colours, layout, and other design elements determine the look of your brand. Create a strong visual identity for your brand on social media by keeping logos, colours, and layouts similar across social media platforms, your website, business cards, email newsletters, and all other customer communications.

Keep Your Social Media Marketing Message Consistent

Keep your content consistent as conflicting messages can harm your company’s brand by confusing customers. However, don’t post the same content over and over and avoid constantly advertising your products or services. Vary the pace and get creative on social media within the framework of a consistent overall message.

Share Curated Content on Calgary Social Media

Promoting or sharing your own products or services all the time quickly bores and annoys followers. Interesting, funny, or informational content gives followers something to respond to and is an important part of social media marketing. Keep your content related to the identity and theme of your business to maintain a coherent message.

Send Consistent Signals with Calgary Online Marketing

Keep your brand message consistent across the various social media marketing platforms you use. Strengthen the message by linking your presence across different platforms. For example, if you have high reviews on TripAdvisor, including a TripAdvisor tab on Facebook allows fans to see the positive reviews right there on the site.

Successful Calgary online marketing requires careful planning and attention. These four tips help you achieve consistent branding on social media to boost customer engagement and loyalty.

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