Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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  • Who are your potential clients on Social Media? (age, gender, occupation, and other demographics you can target)
  • What can your business offer and how can you show this on social media platforms?
  • What is your overall objective for the marketing campaign? (bring traffic to your website, brand awareness, etc.)
  • What is your product or services value proposition and how are you communicating this?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when engaging online. Check below to see how you can improve your answers with our help.

How does GrowME do Social Media Marketing?

As a social media management & consulting company in Calgary, AB, we provide our valued clientele options to manage social media themselves or have us manage it for them. For both methods, the process we go about is similar (other than who does the work). Typically, we do the following:

  • Create a promotion to engage existing customers to start building social media likes or followers.
  • Engage with other pages or groups to get exposure
  • Create advertisements to bring traffic to the company’s website
  • Create a monthly promotion strategy for different products or services with a special offer for social media clients
  • When engaging clients, posts are 80% of the time relating to interesting topics in the industry and 20% of the time relating to the company’s products or services

This list can go on for quite some time, and we will be happy to give more information so drop by and visit our social media consulting service or simply Contact Us to get some free advice!

Take Away Points:

Social Media Marketing is great to reflect your brand or products and services online. It is important to remember to generate relevant content and proper topics of interest to catch other Social Media user’s attention. When planning to grow your business, it is vital to remember your brand and make sure that your social media activities reflect the brand you hold dearly.

We hope you enjoyed our post and got the information you were looking for!

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