Troubleshooting SEO


Businesses invest in SEO services all the time, and unfortunately, a lot of them fail. Each time a campaign fails, it is a loss of time, money, and potential profits for the owner. 

But, you can still salvage your campaign if you understand what went wrong with it in the first place. Conducting an overview, implementing changes, and seeking professional assistance, can turn your campaign around. 

Re-Evaluate Your SEO Campaign 

Although it might be tempting to give up once your SEO campaign fails, reassessing it is the smartest step to understand where you went wrong. Take your time to go over the quintessential aspects of your campaign to determine what you can improve.

The Keywords 

Your keywords are one of the defining factors of your SEO campaign. However, your research might have made you choose the wrong keywords or highly competitive keywords that make it difficult to establish a foothold. Reassessing your keywords and setting new targets, and including “long-form” keywords, can make a massive difference to your campaign. 

The Content of Your Website 

A Demand Gen Report revealed 47% of consumers review at least three to five forms of content before engaging with the company. So the originality, length, and tone of your content are paramount to your SEO. Assessing these factors will indicate if you might need to rewrite some, if not all, of your content.

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The Backlinks
Building links from any website is not as powerful as building links from dominant sites. You have to assess where your backlinks are coming from (social media, guest blogs, and directories) to determine if they are providing you with the effectiveness you need. If you notice that you don’t have as many backlinks, it is time to start expanding your network with guest blogging, directories, and social media marketing to help your SEO campaign.

Your Website
Nothing destroys an SEO campaign more than a slow site, poor design and not being mobile-responsive. Double-checking your website can give you a firm indication of what is needed to ensure that your campaign isn’t impacted by it. You might need a complete website design to help get your SEO back on track. 

The User Experience
According to an Ascend2 Report, 53% of marketers believe that mapping the customer experience will improve SEO. Knowing what your users are doing on your website is essential in helping you generate better interaction and improve your SEO. Analytics can provide you with a good idea of whether or not your users are interacting on your website as you want them to.

Retry the Campaign: Implementing Changes To Your SEO 

After you have completed an evaluation of your campaign, implement the required changes to the sections where there were issues. Carefully map out your new plan, and slowly make the changes. 

But don’t settle on the changes just yet. Testing and trialling will give you the scope of what is working and what is not working on your new campaign. Based on the results, you can determine what is best for your SEO. It is best to test things out than to have another failed SEO campaign.

You have to remember that SEO takes time. It can’t change overnight, and expecting instant results won’t work. Be patient with the results.

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Bring In An SEO Agency 

A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to recognizing or implementing changes to an SEO campaign. If you notice that you cannot get your campaign restarted, speak to a Calgary SEO agency for advice. 

Having a professional on board to assess your campaign and suggest necessary changes can prove highly beneficial to your campaign. Whether you take their advice or not, sign up to one of their packages, or just listen to what they have to say, it can help your business in the long term. 

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