Zedcor Security exclusively focuses on security and surveillance services throughout Alberta and British Columbia. They offer high-end security solutions, including 24/7 live monitoring, mobile surveillance, fixed surveillance and security guards. Each of these services can be used for the long term or per project, depending on the client’s needs. Zedcor is recognized in the industry for its consistent communication, 24/7 availability, strong relationship management, and community outreach, including ongoing relationships to create jobs within the Indigenous communities.


The success and selling points of Zedcor would make them a shoo-in for an industry leader. But their online presence was minimal, they lacked a clear brand identity, and their website didn’t fully showcase their security services, generate leads or business opportunities. It was up to GrowME to change that around.

The Deliverables


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Growth in website traffic
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Website Design

Zedcor’s old website was outdated, unintuitive and focused too much on the rental aspects of the services, which struggled to engage with their target audience. Our revision was to completely modernize the site, creating a fresh, exciting and executive feel that connected with the existing Zedcor brand but repositioned them in the market as a leader. The new website is slick, sophisticated and bold, bringing forth Zedcor’s unique selling points. Optimized landing pages for each security solution and target industries instantly enhanced their rankings and streamlined their navigation. The final result is a website that clearly defines their brand, promotes their security services, and establishes them as the leader in their industry.


Establishing and building brand awareness was a crucial aspect of Zedcor’s marketing strategy. The first step was to better showcase their innovative, reliable and top-level services. This was executed through their website’s detailed content and engaging UX design. The second step was to ensure consistency through all forms of their messaging, from their website to the print items, such as brochures, business cards, billboards, and signs. This complete overhaul has resulted in a consistent and powerful branding campaign.

Paid Ranking Results

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Top 1 Position
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SEO Strategy

To successfully capitalize on their newfound branding and website, an SEO campaign and Google Ads were essential to drive traffic and convert leads. For the former, advanced blogs, an optimized Google My Business profile and targeting specific keywords related to the security industry were utilized, instantly elevating their ranking and outcomes. There were over 52k users in the last quarter, a 2,103.1% increase. As for the latter, highly targeted, optimized, and focused ads were created to generate leads while maximizing value. The results included a placement in the top three ads 70% of the time, with an average of 15 leads per month and a 10.7% conversion rate. It was valued at $6.85 average cost per click, an astounding result for a competitive industry.

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