Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop is a popular vaping store with locations all over Calgary and Southern Alberta. They offer a wide range of high-quality vaping products, such as e-juices, freebase vapes and devices, from leading brands like Aspire, Naked 100 and Twelve Monkeys.


Despite their local presence across the province, they struggled to convert leads into sales on their website, lacked rankings on Google for their stores, and found it difficult to compete in a very competitive market, despite offering affordable and great prices. Their project required a complete redesign of their website and marketing approach to turn their business into an industry leader, overloading with sales – which is exactly what GrowME did. Here’s how:

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Website Design

The old Foggy Gorilla website was too busy and had poor user experience. The redesigned website overhauled these key aspects, significantly improving the user experience, simplifying the navigation to products and store locations, and encouraging sales and leads.

The new website has detailed pages on all categories, from Freebase to Devices, each linking to their respective brand products, all of which are optimized with valuable content that offers insight into brands and products. The improved navigation and optimized pages mean customers can easily find and order their favourite products, improving Foggy Gorilla’s sales and leads.


Part of Foggy’s overhaul was for the website to have the same “feel” as when someone goes into their store. Branding, therefore, was crucial. Their signature colour of purple was used extensively to create a sense of continuity, merging it with the bright and eye-popping colours of vape brands, modernizing the site. The layout and flow were refreshed to be slick and cool – just like the store itself. The current site is now bolder, more defined, and clearly highlights the experience you’ll feel when walking into their vape stores.

SEO Strategy

In a very competitive market, Foggy Gorilla required a local SEO campaign that improved organic search and Maps rankings for their local stores in Calgary, Red Deer, Airdrie, Stettler and Sylvan Lake. This focus would encourage customers to locate and visit the stores and website, further improving their leads and sales. Developing citations and directories, creating optimized Google My Business profiles for each location, and writing advanced blogs that optimized local keywords – such as “Vape shop Airdrie” – were crucial to transforming their rankings. Foggy Gorilla now ranks top in organic search and Maps for “Vape shops” in Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and Stettler, while experiencing nearly 6K monthly website visitors, over 100K page views a month, and over 3K “customer actions”, such as directions or phone calls, on their Google Listings.

Social Media

Promoting Foggy Gorilla’s new exciting brand required an engaging social media campaign. Facebook was the prime choice as it could equally engage their target audience and boost their brand awareness. Our campaign was focused on promoting new and popular products, special deals and shedding a light on the joys of vaping through jokes and memes. The aim was to help spread more word of mouth, giving people the opportunity to see what was offered on Facebook before visiting their locations. Our posts significantly reach and engage a wide range of people, highlighted by a 40% increase for the Airdrie page and 100% on the Calgary page. Our continued success has grown their online following up to 1k and 2.2k, respectively.

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