Toronto Family Hearing is a full-service independent hearing clinic with two locations in Downtown Toronto. Led by trained and experienced audiologists, they follow the best practices, guiding and working with families so they can receive the best care possible. They offer a range of services for children and adults, supporting them with hearing tests, high-quality hearing aids from leading brands, custom ear plugs and hearing protection, ear wax removal and tinnitus management. Recognized for improving the quality of people’s lives by making them hear better, Toronto Family Hearing’s professional, compassionate and knowledgeable approach has made them a local establishment trusted by the public. 


Despite their local presence, they lacked a powerful marketing campaign to increase traffic to their store. They had an outdated website that was more than five years old, which didn’t represent the modern service of the business, and struggled to generate leads. In basic terms, they needed an online revamp to highlight their high standards of service and care – which GrowME handled and delivered!

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Website Design

Toronto Family Hearing’s old website lacked an intuitive design, a fluent UX flow and didn’t represent the professionalism and knowledgeable access of the clinic. The new website completely rebooted all these elements, resulting in a sharper, more professional site loaded with useful and important information and simpler navigation. Patients can now find and read easily digestible content, providing them with the scope of Toronto Family Hearing’s work and commitment to care. 

Custom Graphics

Illustrating calmness and clarity while explaining their services was key to enhancing Toronto Family Hearing’s brand and messaging. It’s why we created detailed yet understated graphics to illustrate their services while living up to their standards. The graphics compellingly showcase their services, with unique colours, providing the audience with details on what to expect in the clinic.

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Part of redesigning their website and launching a wide-reaching marketing campaign was to improve their branding positioning and feel. It was about conveying the same sense of professionalism, care and experience while making it more definitive. The logo was kept, but website design elements, flow and depth of content, and voice were enhanced, establishing a consistent message that reflected what happened in-store. Now, patients can expect the same high level of care and service when they jump online as they experienced in the clinic.

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SEO Strategy

Toronto Family Hearing had a minimal presence online before they joined GrowME. After three months with us, they enjoyed a 60% increase in traffic, over 700 website visitors, 60 phone calls and 85+ leads per month, a total increase of over 100%. They also ranked in the first page of Google and the top three in Maps for keywords, including hearing clinic Toronto and Audiologist Toronto, while experiencing a whopping 13.33% conversion rate on Google Ads. Our approach to success was simple: targeted website optimizations, focused link-building and guest blogging campaigns, and carefully curated Google Ads. 

Social Media

As part of the Toronto Family Hearing’s marketing campaign, an extensive social media presence was required to boost organic reach and traffic. Our Facebook and Instagram strategy consisted of creating custom graphics for each post that aligned with their branding and messaging. Posts promoted specific services and events (such as ‘Better Hearing Month’), while providing authentic and accurate information of their services and industry. The result was instant: a 40% jump in reach and engagement on posts on Instagram with a 12% increase in followers, and a staggering 400% increase in Facebook impressions and page views. 

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