For Colz Electric, “electricity is more than just lights”. Their focus is on creating an atmosphere and environment that enhances your comfortability. It’s for this reason that they stand out compared to other electricians in Calgary. All their electrical services, equipment, and materials are up to code and regulations, with their strength being their honest quality work, professionalism, and trustworthiness, value, and customer service.


However, while they were delivering high-quality services, they struggled to generate business, only getting leads from word of mouth, referrals, and continuing contractors. Their online presence was non-existent as they were “super nervous” about hiring a digital marketing company.


Now, most of their business comes from online leads, with their sales doubling over the past year. Here is how GrowME did it.

The Deliverables


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Increase in website leads
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Growth in organic traffic

Website Design

Colz’s first website was simple – really simple: a one-page site with contact information and a few details about the company and services. It struggled immensely, generating very few organic online leads, and had no exposure at all.


We flipped it entirely, creating a brand new website that was large, bold and detailed. Service pages were loaded with valuable, informative content highlighting their experience and quality reputation. Navigation was simple with smart optimizations, streamlining customers’ UX interaction. Most significantly, with visible call-to-action buttons, contacting Colz was easier than ever, which is how and why their online leads boomed! 

Map Ranking Results

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Top 3 Position
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Organic Ranking Results

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SEO Strategy

To bring in both paid and organic leads, we launched a comprehensive SEO campaign to push Colz’s rankings higher while targeting their desired audience. A combination of advanced blogs, Google My Business and Google Maps optimizations, and Google Ads and Facebook remarketing dramatically changed their outlook. The results were substantial.


Within a year, there was a 400% increase in website traffic, a 300% increase in website leads and nearly 100 monthly actions (such as calls) from their Google Listing. Their Facebook remarketing ads also contributed an average of five leads per week, while they ranked in the top five for two main keywords: “electrical contractors Calgary” and “Calgary Electrician”.


We can say that without a doubt that if Colz were “super nervous” about hiring a marketing agency, we alleviate their concerns with our business-changing results!

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