Prime Hair Clinic specializes in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration as well as medical aesthetic procedures. Prime helps individuals suffering from male pattern baldness and signs of hair loss through their state of the art techniques. They perform follicular unit transplantation and extraction as well as platelet rich plasma and scalp Micropigmentation. They also offer Botox, Latisse, Vampire facials, and laser hair removal.


Prime Hair Clinic was going through a change in staff and a change of name when they came to us for a website redesign. They needed a new site that would reflect the new changes and be easier to navigate and understand. Not only was the design outdated, but the content was also dense and difficult to understand. Overall, their goal was to improve the site and increase leads! They had a lot of business coming in through referrals but almost nothing coming from their website.


  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Blogs


Site Visitors Per Month
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Increase In Website Traffic
  • #1 ranking for "hair clinic Calgary"
  • #1 ranking for "hair transplants Calgary"
  • Organic rankings for top keywords after 3 months
  • Website generates quality leads on a daily basis


Rebranding the Prime Hair Clinic site wasn’t just about changing the company name, it was also about conveying a sense of familiarity, friendliness and belonging. The original logo was clean and professional, but it did not communicate the values of the company. From a flat and sterile design to one that is still clean and professional but also bright and stylistic, the new logo serves to present Prime as more than a just medical clinic.   

digital marketing Calgary
digital marketing Calgary

Website Design

We were pleased to design a high-performance, fully optimized website for Prime. With rebranding to match the new logo, the site is sleek, modern, and dynamic. With a relatively high bounce rate on their old site, we took care to ensure that the flow from page to page is more seamless and comfortable for the user. The site structure is now organized with content that is edited to meet the needs of the consumer. The information is well laid out, easy to understand and accessible. The fully customized website now receives over 1000 visitors each month.

User Experience

The site is user-friendly with succinctly formatted information and the services you’re looking for at your fingertips. With multiple landing pages, it’s crucial that the site flows well regardless of which page you’re on. Our talented development team has optimized the site responsiveness across all mobile devices.

Map Ranking Results

Top 3 in Google
Map Pack

Top 3 in Google
Map Pack

Organic Ranking Results

Ranking No.1 for
targeted keyword

Ranking No.1 for
targeted keyword

SEO Strategy

Prime had a minimal online presence prior to partnering with GrowME. Within three months, Prime began ranking for in the #1 position for their top keywords. We have also launched a specifically targeted Google Adwords campaign that brings in an additional eight leads each month. With increased website traffic, brand awareness and better leads, Prime Hair Clinic is experiencing growth that will take the business to the next level.

digital marketing Calgary
digital marketing Calgary
digital marketing Calgary
digital marketing Calgary

Social Media

Our full digital marketing package includes a customized social media marketing strategy. Through our weekly social media posting, we help to generate reviews on social media sites, promote the brand and increase positive interactions with customers. We have taken a lighter-hearted approach to Prime’s social media strategy, and engagements have never been higher.

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