New Trends in SEO We’ve Been Seeing This Year

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New Trends in SEO We’ve Been Seeing This Year

Trends in SEO


One of the third most important ranking signals in the Google search engines, this is probably why you’ve seen so much buzz around it from your Calgary SEO expert. RankBrain is the artificial intelligence engine that can sort through search engine results and understand the search queries. Based on assumptions, RankBrain will tweak the search engines. It tries to understand the queries and the relationship between the different words.


The UX signals have continued to grow in importance, and they have turned into an unbelievably powerful metric for both RankBrain and Google. You have to have highly relevant content if it will rank well in the Google search engines. The ultimate goal of Google is to provide you with the best possible experience, and the best SEO company Calgary will be able to help.

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Conversational and Natural Language Style

While we’re not necessarily saying to throw out your AP Style Guide, you may want to think about writing with a conversational perspective. Do you automatically think of long tail phrases and keywords when you speak with someone in real life? Google algorithms have recently been slanted more towards natural vocabulary. When it comes to Calgary SEO services, your company should be aware of these shifts.

Good Calgary SEO services that are useful will be based on these practices in some way. They will enable you to come out on top as a business owner. These are some of the newest trends to hit the market in the coming year.

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