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The basics of search engine optimization rely on high rankings, proper backlinking and relevant sponsored links. Although the chief aim of SEO is to make your website stand out with better search engine ranking, it can eventually help you target the niche and increase your sell by improving the sale numbers. Therefore, SEO is an important part of web marketing. To get the most out of it, you should follow these useful tactics to optimize your website.

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What Do Search Engines Want and How Should you Optimize Your Website?

Search engines perform the basic job of referring users to website that may have the information they seek. When a user searches something using a keyword, the search engines list all those relevant websites showing a backlink and sponsored link to the search keyword. To determine the relevancy of the keyword, search engines rank on four important factors.

Strong Content

Search engines always highlight content that has relevant keywords, titles, phrases and descriptions. In short, they depend on quality content to determine the relevancy of the searched keyword. As well, they use quality content as a marker of a website’s quality.

Website Speed and Performance

Popular search engines will never list your website in the first page if your website is slow. Therefore, a website’s performance is essential to high rankings.

Strong Relevant Back Links

If the website has enough content to link and accurate reference to good websites, the search engines are going to rank it high. Essentially, the more credible the source of information, the higher it will likely rank.

User-friendly Layout

The layout, look and feel of your website also matter. For example, if your website has a clutter-free layout, a smart design and a low bounce rate, search engines will rank your website in the first page. Therefore, the best methods of web design revolve around the central question, “How will people interact with this element/ page/ content?”

What Shouldn’t You Do?

Now that you know exactly what the search engines want, you should also learn what the search engine spiders dislike. Some major website flaws are outlined below:

  • Keyword Stuffing- Websites with too many keywords per page are often ranked low. Overuse of keywords on your business webpage is a big no-no.
  • Purchased Links- Although many of these vendors claim to improve your SEO, the truth is sponsored links will get you nowhere.

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