Make Social Media Posts Informative and Engaging

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How to Create Informative and Relevant Content

Whether you are sharing a blurb or a link to your existing content on the blog, it should be of high-quality and informative. Make sure to share links that are relevant to your business and product. For an instance, you are welcome to share an article on nail art and nail care if you are promoting cosmetics and nail paints. In that way, readers will love to click the link to learn more.

Engage Traffic with User Friendly Content

A huge article may be good for SEO, but it can turn down many readers. In order to make your article or social media posts engaging, divide the article into short paragraphs, add bulleted lists and include images. This is a very essential part to drive organic traffic to your blog.

Share Content on Multiple Sites

Sharing your blog content or article multiple times on all social media platforms can trigger strong reactions. It is true that your social media viewers unlike RSS subscribers don’t see and read every post. By sharing your content multiple times or linking it to you website will increase the chance of better traffic. It is also important to update the link in order to improve your organic traffic.

Images Attract Audiences

Social media posts with images get 120 percent more viewer engagement. The reason is because of the visually appealing nature of the post. Use full-sized and high-quality image for your social media posts and updates. In that way, your blurb or post can generate the highest blog traffic for you.

Short Updates and Powerful Messages

When updating your existing posts or creating another update to link to your website, keep the content on social media short. In order to drive more traffic, always keep your social media updates short, thorough and witty. In that way you can easily engage customers for better click-through-rate.

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