Is It Time To Switch Your Marketing Company?

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You Aren’t Getting Results from Online Marketing in Calgary

This is the biggest reason businesses change Calgary marketing agencies. You hired the marketing company to improve your marketing campaign and moving on is reasonable if they aren’t producing results. Before you do, ask yourself these questions:

    • Have I communicated clear expectations?
    • Are my goals for online marketing in Calgary realistic?
    • Have I communicated my frustrations?
    • Does the marketing agency understand my industry?

The Marketing Company is Difficult to Work With

Sometimes the marketing company might be getting results, but they are difficult to work with. It may not be worth continuing to work with them, but ask yourself these questions before switching:

    • Am I struggling with different priorities?
    • Is this a personality conflict?
    • Am I constantly wondering what’s going on with my account?

Your Business Needs Have Changed, So Your Need for Calgary Marketing Agencies has Changed

Things change in the business world. These changes may impact your relationship with your agency so that it doesn’t make sense to stick with them anymore. In this situation, consider the following:

    • What’s promoting the change?
    • What am I looking for in a new agency?
    • Can I change my contract to fit our new situation?

Online marketing in Calgary is an important part of helping your business grow. If you aren’t satisfied with your marketing agency, consider switching to a new company.

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