Improve your Calgary Lead Generation with These 3 SEO Tips

Marketing Calgary SEO

Find Your Company’s SEO Calgary Search Terms

One of the first steps to improving SEO Calgary is finding your company’s common search terms. Ask your customers or use Google AdWords tools to discover the keywords used to search for your business and others in the industry. Once you’ve determined which keywords are appropriate, place them strategically on your website. One important place to use keywords is in the title.

Claim Your Google Listing for Online Marketing Calgary

Google Places allows you to claim and edit your listing which improves your chances of showing up on the first search results page. This is particularly helpful if you’re targeting online marketing Calgary at a local customer base. Update the listing with photos, important information, and contact information.

Update Your Content

Fresh content is an important point in our list of SEO tips. Adding new content to your website gives customers relevant information when they arrive and encourages them to stick around. It also gives search engines new ways to find your site so it’s more likely to make it on the first page of results. Including a blog is a great way to post fresh content on a regular basis. It’s also a good way to include some of those strategic keywords to improve your online marketing Calgary.

Put these SEO tips to use and start improving your lead generation. Don’t get lost in the shuffle; help potential customers discover your website and learn more about the products and services you offer.

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