Local Marketing: How to Target and Expand Your Customer Base

Marketing Calgary

Gain Customer Confidence

Winning the confidence of customers helps you overcome one of the biggest sales killers, including customer skepticism, indecisiveness, and confusion. Clearly communicate the advantages of, and reasons for, doing business with you.

Use Integrated Marketing with Online Marketing Companies

Give your target audience multiple ways to hear about you to increase brand recognition and credibility. This can include various methods such as Google Adwords, newspapers, and online marketing. A Calgary marketing company can help you make the most of your integrated marketing campaign.

Meet New People

Networking continues to be an important part of Calgary marketing. Attending trade shows or social functions, getting involved with community organizations, or connecting with people online through websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo are great ways to expand your network and meet new customers.

Leverage Your Website with Calgary Marketing

Online marketing companies can help you create a custom website to captivate your audience. Driving customers to your website with search engine optimization (SEO) and then keeping them there with engaging content and superior design are key as more people turn to the internet for information.

Impose a Deadline

Many customers don’t buy things for a simple reason: procrastination. Overcome this by creating a sense of urgency with your marketing. Prices going up at the end of the month, limited supplies, weekend sales, or more, some sort of deadline helps overcome procrastination.

Seek Help from Calgary Marketing Agencies

While some businesses run a marketing campaign on their own, for many small businesses it makes sense to work with a Calgary marketing agency to make the most of their efforts. Save time by sticking with the professionals to make sure you get the most for your money.

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