Types Of Google Ads

Did you ever get swayed by that lovely picture encouraging you to buy some delicious food? What about that little promotional Facebook ad that hooked you into committing to a new product? What about the first ad you see when searching in Google?

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but while these ads might look and seem the same, they’re actually completely different.

With new platforms, ad types, and targeting capabilities, online advertising can be designed to target specific audiences, living in specific areas and wanting specific items.

Understanding which ad you should use will have a huge impact on turning your audience into lead-paying customers.

In this guide, we take a dive into everything related to online advertising.

Five Types of Online Advertising

Natural Advertising – Also Known as SEO 

We all know that ranking first on Google means better results for your business. It opens you up to more customers, builds brand awareness and generates more sales and leads from customers. In other words, we’re talking about SEO services.

Successful SEO strategies take a lot of time and effort, numerous avenues of optimization – including both on and off-page strategies, as well as plenty of technical expertise.

However, although it might take a while – and even if you might need help from an SEO agency – it’s completely organic and costs less than typical advertising campaigns. You should do this as part of your overall digital campaign.

Social Media Advertising 

Social media advertising (also known as marketing) is a powerful and enticing advertising option for many businesses.

The reason is simple: you can target audiences in a socially responsible platform in a non-pushing advertising kind of way. Because of the sheer number of active users on these platforms (Hubspot states that there are nearly 2.5 billion active users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and 330 million on Twitter worldwide), advertising on these social media channels is essential.

Each social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok, has its own rules and targets when reaching out to audiences on these platforms. Overall, they provide similar options, including:

  • Targeting audiences with unique features that work for everyone’s interests
  • A/B testing on each ad to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Leverage a variety of ad formats to advertise your business in an ideal way
  • Use ads for different uses, including Likes, Followers and

Google Ads (or Adwords) 

Google Ads are the first items you see at the top of your Google search. Similar to Calgary SEO, the keywords you search for, bring up the best ads for the terms.

You’ll have to create specific ads for these keywords and showcase why your business is best for these services. It could be sales of products or services or lead generation, it is ultimately down to what you want for your business.

If you do it right, they can be effective in targeting an audience who wants what you have to offer. If a person is willing to click on an ad to see your page, they’re more likely to convert into a customer than someone who stumbles upon your page while searching.

Considering that “Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day”, you’ll have access to a plethora of new potential customers.

(We have more details on how you can write amazing Ad Copy right here!)

Retargeting Ads 

Remember when you saw that one ad you liked before it disappeared – then turned up again on another website? Yes, that’s a retargeting ad, and they’re powerful tools to use for your business.

Once a customer has expressed interest in a site or product (even by visiting a website) they would be targeted with these ads, enticing them to go back to the website. It’s a nifty tool to use as it means you can capture lost audiences and turn them back into customers. Retargeting ads can appear on the same sites as typical display ads but can also appear on social media platforms.

The benefits are evident when you consider these stats:

  • 70% of marketers opt for retargeting because it builds brand awareness
  • 17.5% of apps that run these ads see a 25% conversion rate
  • Cart abandonment gets reduced by 6.5%
  • Retargeting beats all other ad placement strategies with a 1,046% efficiency rate

Display Ads 

The original online advertising and the standard type of advertising that you see on websites. Banner ads (named because they’re long-shaped advertising that takes place at the top, bottom or side of pages) display your business’ products or services.

Much like typical advertising of traditional forms, display ads are in a similar vein, showcasing your business on a site related to your business, either by topic or location.

While not as effective as other forms of online advertising, they are excellent in increasing awareness of your business and brand. You could manage your funds effectively so you can divert a smaller amount of these funds into display advertising.

(You can learn more about display advertising in our post here)

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