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Your Advertising Budget

Utilizing paid advertising is the fastest way to maximize your advertising budget and open a new revenue stream. According to Google, businesses make an average of $2 in profit for every $1 spent on Google Ads, in other words doubling the overall ROI. 


At GrowME, those numbers barely scratch the surface. With ad copy that converts and optimized campaigns that target the right people, most of our clients see an ROI of more than 200%.


So how do we do it? We’ve got the science of Google Ads down to, well, a science. Let us take over your campaign and find out what makes GrowME Calgary’s leading Google ads agency

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Why Google Ads Are Necessary to Your Marketing Strategy

GrowME is a full-service marketing agency, and we specialize in Calgary SEO, website design, and paid ads. We believe these services go hand in hand to form the best and most powerful marketing strategy.


SEO is a long-term marketing play, but Google as management can get you immediate results! It could take months to appear on the first page organically, but your ads can get you there right out of the gate.


Paid ads are vital to boosting awareness, increasing leads, and bringing in more traffic and conversions. Google ads also allow you to target specific demographics within your audience base and spend within your budget, all while delivering an unbeatable return on investment.

Our Proven Process For Google Ads Management


We perform in-depth research to get your campaign started on the right foot. We begin with targeted keyword research to determine which terms make the most sense for your business based on search volume, difficulty, and budget. We also build consumer profiles to ensure proper audience targeting.


Campaign setup is crucial to the success of your ads, kind of like waking up on the right side of the bed is crucial for your good hair day. Setup involves choosing the right bidding strategy, creating ad groups, writing ads, and ensuring landing pages are properly optimized for conversions.


Here comes the exciting part! Prior to launch, we’ll send you the proofs of your ad so you can review, revise, and refocus as needed. Your account manager will oversee the launch for quality control, and then we’re off! For some agencies, this might be the final step, but we’re just getting started.


We’re always looking for ways to make your ads better. From refreshing the ads with evergreen content to shifting budgets as your focus changes to utilizing different ad types to stay ahead of the curve, we guarantee consistent growth and an ROI beyond your imagination.


All Google ads undergo a learning phase when the campaign is brand new. During this time, we’ll watch for any issues and keep a close eye on the performance. We’ll look for opportunities to adjust the bid strategy or branch out to different types of ads as needed.


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Your account manager will meet with you monthly to discuss the campaign and provide you with a detailed report of all the metrics that matter most, like cost per click, cost per acquisition, click-through rate, total conversions, and more. With every meeting, we’ll make recommendations for improvement.


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Progress, performance and quality score are measured and tracked weekly by our ads team to provide an accurate picture of the trends and performance trajectory. Not getting enough leads? We’ll adjust! Too many leads? Now that’s a problem we love to see!
Let’s Plan Your Campaign Together

Creating a Stellar Google Ad Campaign

Target the Right Audience
With In-Depth Research

Traditional Google search ads are all about targeting for intent. You need to optimize your campaign around the proper keywords to capitalize on user intent. You can also target based on demographic and interests.

Develop a Bidding Strategy
That Fits Your Budget

There are options for both manual and automatic bidding for Google ads. Manual bidding allows for greater control and fine-tuning and could help you get your ads on the first page faster.

Build Desire With a
Great Value Proposition

Google ads are most effective when positioned to solve a specific problem. Highlight specific customer benefits and make it as clear as possible that your product or service is the answer they need.

Create Enticing Calls to Action
That Can’t Be Ignored

Once you’ve captured attention with the answer to their problem, seal the deal with a great call to action. Calls to action should use powerful, active verbs such as get, buy, click, discover, book, learn, or sign up.

Link to a User-Friendly Landing
Page That Converts

Creating an ad with winning content is only half the battle. Clicks and impressions are fantastic metrics, but we know what you really care about are conversions. Take a look at the structure, headlines, and CTAs on your landing page and set up A/B testing if necessary.

GrowME Is Your All-in-One Google Ads Agency

We perform A/B testing to ensure optimal campaign performance

We design custom landing pages for campaign-specific objectives

We adjust your website to improve quality score & relevance

We create custom-branded graphics and creatives

We recommend the best type of ad campaign for your objective

We offer dedicated account management & ongoing optimization

We guarantee a positive ROI for your ad spend through new leads

Specialties of Our Google Ads Agency

Search Ads

Search ads appear where people search – on Google! An average of 92% of internet searchers use Google to find what they’re looking for, and Google fields an average of 5.6 billion searches every day! Google search ads appear at the top and bottom of most SERPs (search engine result pages) and consist of 1-2 headlines and a description. The best Google search ads include a relevant keyword, a unique selling proposition, and a compelling call to action.

Display Ads

Display ads are posted on Google’s Display Network, which includes 35 million websites, apps, and other Google-owned properties. Display ads are visually engaging and include an image or graphic accompanied by strong written messaging. Ads on the Google Display Network are strategically placed to promote your brand at the right place and time and to the right customers.

Video Ads

YouTube has an average of 122 million daily users. As a Google-owned property, YouTube belongs to the Google Display Network, with ads often appearing directly below videos or in the right sidebar. Video ads, however, are designed to appear within the videos themselves, either at the beginning, in the middle or near the end. We can work with footage you already have or create something from scratch.

Shopping Ads

Capitalize on your customers’ online shopping habits, and get your products front and centre with Google shopping ads. Like search ads, shopping ads also appear on SERPs but with a focus on e-commerce and specific product information. Shopping ads are run through the Google Merchant Centre, which requires a separate account setup. All products must include both a price and a corresponding image, as well as accurate shipping information.

Local Service Ads

Get Google Guaranteed! This powerful program highlights your commitment to better service and lets customers know that Google considers your business a legitimate enterprise, which means more qualified leads. We can handle the application process to secure your Google Guarantee Badge. Currently, local service ads are available for the following industries: appliance repair, carpet & upholstery cleaning, electricians, garage doors, house cleaning, HVAC, junk removal, lawn care, locksmith, moving, pest control, plumber, roofing, tree service, water damage services, window cleaning, and window repair.

Let’s Plan Your Campaign Together

Everything You Need to Know About
Google Ads Management in Calgary

Compelling ad copy is vital to a well-performing ad. Most professionals agree that the best Google text ads include a relevant keyword, a unique selling proposition, and a compelling call to action. When it comes to display ads, the graphic or image needs to be engaging, captivating, and in line with your brand. At GrowME, we follow all best practices, but our ads are anything but cookie-cutter. We build every campaign from scratch to ensure the text adequately highlights the best parts of your business. 

Remarketing often referred to as retargeting, is a marketing effort that involves advertising to customers who have previously visited your site or completed and/or completed a specific action. Remarketing is your second chance to retain a customer that didn’t convert the first time. It keeps your brand top of mind and provides multiple touch points as most customers require more than one interaction with a brand or company before making a purchase. Remarketing ads don’t make sense for every industry, but you can talk to our team if they make sense for you.

A/B testing, or split testing, is when two versions of an ad, landing page or other variable are created and launched simultaneously. The performance of each is carefully analyzed to determine which variation produces better metrics. A is often considered to be the ‘control’ while B is the variation. The version that results in more clicks or conversions should be adopted long-term.

While different, there is still a connection between Google ads and SEO. As discussed, most ads are targeted based on intent, while others focus on interest. It’s a no-brainer to go after customers searching for your main keywords, but how do you weed out users with less-relevant searches and ensure your ad dollars are spent where it matters? That’s where negative keywords come in. They can be added to your search campaign to prevent your ad from showing up for those terms. Business names are a common negative keyword. Why waste precious ad budget on a phrase you likely show up for organically?

Your daily ad budget depends on the competitiveness of your keywords, your location, and the type of campaign you’re running. For the most part, we recommend a starting budget of $10-$20 per day.

We recommend different campaigns based on your budget, industry, and marketing goals. We keep up with the latest trends and advancements so we can ensure we’re running the campaign that will work best for your business.


Performance max campaigns are relatively new to Google. This ad type utilizes the entire Google network, including YouTube, The Google Display Network, SERPs, Gmail, and Maps. Performance max ads can help you reach new audiences and drive better overall performance. Because Google automates the delivery of these ads, the process is more streamlined but can still be customized based on preferences and performance.

Google ads have a high ROI compared to other marketing strategies. We look at a few different metrics when analyzing the overall effectiveness of the campaign, including:

  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Quality Score
  • Cost Per Click
  • Click-Through-Rate
  • Total Impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Conversions

We carefully monitor all metrics to determine if any aspect of your ad needs to be refreshed or revised. We also offer transparent reporting so you can review the data for yourself.