Zedcor Security

Canada’s Top Business Security Systems

You’ve invested time and money into your business, so why not take steps to protect it? Security breaches can cause problems and expose weaknesses. Zedcor Security is waiting for your call, ready to offer complete security solutions.


Zedcor Security understands that each company is unique in its operations and security, requiring specialized solutions to keep personnel and property safe. That’s why they provide a range of security services, such as mobile surveillance, fixed surveillance, sensor technology, security guards, and gate and access control. 


They also know that security requirements radically differ between industries. By tailoring their security solutions, Zedcor Security ensures that your business has the coverage it needs. These steps allow Zedcor Security to work with all major industries across Canada, including construction, mining camps, oil and gas services, commercial spaces, industrial warehouses, and automotive dealerships.


Custom Security Solutions For Any Industry

Zedcor Security believes there is no substitute for quality technology when it comes to your security. Constantly striving to elevate their security systems and develop state-of-the-art technology, Zedcor hopes their own advancements will increase the effectiveness of your security.


This company blends the work of technology and people together effortlessly. You won’t find a better team of trained enforcement personnel anywhere else, comprised of former RCMP, law enforcement professionals, and military officers. Experts in responding to and de-escalating security threats, Zedcor Security’s staff is 100% committed to the protection of your property.


Zedcor Security also boasts an impressive live monitoring station, allowing them to respond immediately and liaise with local law enforcement clearly, effectively, and quickly. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing that someone is always looking out for you, day or night.

Pioneers & Innovators in Security

A member of the Canadian Security Association, Zedcor Security has constantly delivered excellence and integrity. That’s perhaps why they’ve attracted clientele such as ATCO pipelines, Right Choice Camps & Catering, Siksika Nation, Ashcor Fabrication, and Borea Construction. Striving to deliver the best service in Canada, Zedcor Security has quickly become well-respected and trusted across Western Canada.


Zedcor Security is steadfast in their commitment to the communities around them. Honouring partnerships with several Indigenous groups, they believe that positive and successful partnerships drive their company forward as they strive to find mutually beneficial ways of doing business.

Protect Your Business

It’s time for you to take a strategic approach to security. Contact Zedcor Security today by calling 1-877-511-9332, emailing [email protected], or going online to zedcorsecurity.ca to fill out a form!