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Surveying Equipment That Transforms Projects

Surveyors require equipment that can truly make a difference. They need quality, and they need value. Without either, they might struggle to execute their roles, resulting in wasted money, developments and projects. But only at the top-tier establishment of Bench Mark USA can surveyors obtain and experience surveying equipment that will change their roles and enhance their outputs.  


Bench Mark USA is proud to offer high tech solutions, bringing together the finer details of location software with the high-tech surveying equipment required by surveyors. Each piece of equipment can be used together to ensure greater accuracy in all operations. Experts in the construction, production, agriculture and forestry sectors know that Bench Mark USA is their go-to source for highly reliable products and services. 


Endless Surveying Equipment & Services

To help surveyors throughout the United States, Bench Mark USA is committed to providing a wealth of products for their customers. They offer GPS RTK systems alongside GNSS receivers, reference stations, external radios, RTK depth sounders and many other products. They also provide total robotic stations, regular total stations, construction lasers and levels, microsurvey and Carlson survey software, theodolites and other highly-effective products. 


All their equipment comes from high-quality brands, GEOMAX, Harxon, Hemisphere GNSS, Juniper Systems, and many more, thereby guaranteeing quality and value for their customers. 


But perhaps their greatest asset is their commitment to providing technical support and timely repairs for their clients. While other suppliers are only concerned about selling goods, Bench Mark USA is committed to helping its customers for any challenging period they are going through. Each member of Bench Mark USA is a highly trained expert that understands their products and can offer on-the-spot solutions. They can even offer advice on pre-owned equipment, ensuring that customers get high resolution, accurate measurements. 


You can expect quality and value when it comes to surveying equipment when you visit Bench Mark USA. This company is proud to stake its name and reputation in delivering excellence for its customers.

Your Trusted Surveying Equipment Experts

Experience matters when it comes to surveying equipment. No one has more of it than the team at Bench Mark USA. Their long and successful history of providing superior surveying equipment for surveyors highlights their drive and commitment to ensuring professionals get the quality they deserve. If you are looking for accurate and high-quality surveying equipment that will define your projects, then there is no better place to start looking. 

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