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Modern Age

If you go far enough back through history, you will eventually find the origins of surveying equipment. The humble theodolite and dumpy level are examples of these origins, but the roots of this novel practice extend still further. In fact, some may say that biology and surveying are their own form of intricate link as each of them relies on telescopes to examine their surroundings more effectively. Without cell discovery through a rudimentary microscope, the power of telescopes could have gone much longer without discovery.


However, the origins are only of a secondary concern to the surveying equipment of today. Now, companies like Bench Mark provide high tech solutions that utilize the power of satellite systems, intelligent programming, and state-of-the-art user controls. Each of these features offers greater value for surveying equipment users and gains greater accuracy in all operations. Construction operations, in particular, benefit from this accuracy as it allows them to plot and plan their projects with minimal disruptions or interruptions.


A Variety of Surveying
Equipment Services

Bench Mark provides a wide range of products for its clients. For instance, in the GPS/ GNSS realm, they have RTK systems, reference stations, sub-metre GNSS, GNSS receivers, external radios, RTK depth sounders, and so much more. Of course, this is just one part of their business as they also provide robust technical support and timely repairs for their clients. Their technical expertise is a fantastic asset for people who are stuck in remote areas or have specific questions they need answered quickly. 

As well, they have survey equipment from a vast selection of suppliers. Their trusted brands include the likes of Carlson Software, Futtura Lasers, GEOMAX, Harxon, Hemisphere GNSS, Juniper Systems, and many more. Each of these suppliers requires an in-depth knowledge of their products, which is just one part of Bench Mark’s specialty. Plus, the pre-owned equipment they offer means their valuable clients can choose cost-effective solutions that still provide high resolution, accurate measurements. Indeed, this is a company with a robust set of options and features that add value to each of its valued clients.

The Surveying Equipment Experts

The best team for surveying equipment is the group at Bench Mark Equipment & Supplies. They have a long history of providing superior surveying equipment for engineers, surveyors and construction professionals. Originally established in 2002, they are the go-to company in Canada and the USA for your global navigation satellite systems and real-time kinematic GPS equipment. Additionally, their selection of GNSS receivers, data collector systems, and other surveying equipment means they have all the solutions your business could need, as it relates to fantastic survey equipment. 

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