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Calgary’s Stucco Contractors of Choice

When it comes to stucco contractors in Calgary, your best option is Magnum Stucco. They have a long history of working with Calgarians on stucco repair, stucco painting, stucco installation, and so much more. They are experienced, and their staff are experts in everything stucco-related. Plus, their business is fully licensed and insured, and their workers are all covered by WCB. To learn more about the amazing services this company offers, continue reading down below. 


The Stucco Services Available at Magnum Stucco

As stucco contractors in Calgary who care, Magnum Stucco offers many different stucco services. These include stucco painting, parging repair, EIFS stucco and stucco repair in general, as well as new stucco installations. You can learn more about these services below. 

Stucco Painting

Stucco painting is one of the best ways to revitalize your home or business. You can choose from a whole host of different colours to match the trim, vision or existing aesthetic of your home. With Magnum Stucco, you can be assured that the process will be straightforward, outstanding and with very little downtime. They even work weekends or evenings to better assist their valued clients. 


Parging is an effective way to improve the look of your walls. It is made from a blend of lime, water and cement and can be customized to suit your needs. Many different styles are possible with parging, so be sure to ask the friendly and professional staff at Magnum Stucco about all the options available to you. 

For stucco repair that involves fixing cracks, holes or other problems, Magnum Stucco has the experience and expertise you need to do the job right the first time. They perform a full examination of the building and provide their insight on the most important areas to address. They know how to handle any water damage that may have occurred and can perform repairs on every layer of a stucco structure. 

EIFS stucco is a system of stucco that differs from the normal type of stucco in that it is more resilient and a more modern product. The system is composed of three separate layers with six total steps. The first layer is insulation, the second a polymer, and the final layer is an acrylic coat to provide UV resistance and a glossy finish. 

Why Magnum Stucco is the Right Choice

Magnum Stucco has one overarching goal in mind, which is to become Alberta’s leading stucco experts. They aim to do this by providing exceptional quality, enhanced durability and a commitment to going above and beyond for all their clients. Further, they strive to offer outstanding value to their clients with prices that cannot be beaten and aesthetically pleasing projects that turn heads and get gasps. See how enthusiasm can work for your stucco needs today!

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If you have any questions or concerns or would like to book your consultation with Magnum Stucco, contact them today. They can be reached by phone at (403) 400-3794 or on their website.