The Calgary Psychologist
That Follows Best Practices

Do you want to be heard? Are you struggling with everyday life? Only with the support and care, you can find at Supporting Wellness, can you manage and improve your mental and emotional well-being.


As one of the leading psychology and counselling clinics in Calgary and Cold Lake, Supporting Wellness’ mantra of “change is possible” is central to everything they do. From the design of their offices to their approach in therapy, their psychologists in Calgary and Cold Lake thoroughly believe that change is possible – and will do everything in their power to help you overcome your challenges.


With a modern approach to counselling and therapy, their registered therapists can help individuals, couples, and families enjoy a prosperous future. Only by visiting them for support, you will experience their successful approach firsthand.

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Wide Range Of Psychological &
Counselling Services

Everyone is different; therefore, everyone needs a different approach to managing their mental and emotional well-being. Supporting Wellness understands this, and it’s why their therapists have experience and expertise in a wide range of services and disciplines.


Offering individual sessions and counselling for couples, marriages and families, they also provide support for grief and trauma clients, veterans, groups, and athletes.


Alongside counselling sessions, they specialize in specific care and services, including divorce coaching, DMT therapy, ADHD coaching and counselling, Speech & Language therapy, and EMDR therapy. With psychoeducational assessments, social skills workshops, neurofeedback, and online and video counselling, you can get all the support you need for counselling.


With Calgary psychologists registered with the Psychologists’ Association Of Alberta, the College of Alberta Psychologists, and affiliated with Psychology Today, you know you’re putting your well-being in the hands of trusted, experienced and passionate individuals. They will help you navigate the complexities of change, the challenges of mental health, and the heartbreaks of life.

and Inviting

Supporting Wellness understands that clients must feel safe and comfortable in order to receive the right support. With an open, modern and friendly atmosphere, people can feel completely secure when they arrive for their appointment, making it ideal for individuals, couples and families.


Their interactive and engaging method in their sessions allows clients to feel open about discussing their issues. Their psychologists will listen intently, respond appropriately, and provide relevant feedback, such as conducting additional activities and reading materials to enhance their rehabilitation. It’s all part of their opening and welcoming approach to changing yourself so you can enjoy better mental and emotional health.


No referral is required from your family physician to schedule an appointment. You can book an appointment with them immediately, and have a free over-the-phone consultation. Upon initial contact, you will be paired with a therapist in one of their offices with the appropriate training and experience to help you through your challenges.

Feel Safer, Stronger, Better With Supporting Wellness

Contact them today by phone at (888) 622-8350, email at [email protected], or submitting an online form on their website: