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The Most Trustworthy Private Investigators in Toronto

Do you have suspicions about your spouse, colleague, or employee that you’re finally ready to confront? Are you hoping for a detailed report backed by verifiable evidence and facts? Then turn to Top Tier Investigations, the agency that puts your best interests first.


Understanding that the subject of the investigation is a sensitive matter, Top Tier Investigations leads with respect and discretion. Whether you’re an individual, corporate client, or law firm, they will gather the evidence you need effectively, efficiently, and confidentially.


If you have more questions than answers or need evidence to prove your case, Top Tier Investigations is ready to assign a field operative to your case.


Providing Discretion, Compassion, & Results

When it comes to proving infidelity, Top Tier Investigations should be your first choice for hiring a private investigator to uncover the truth. While every relationship is unique, their agents have the experience to know what to look for and the dedication to acquire the evidence. 


But their services don’t just stop there. Top Tier Investigations also handles cases related to insurance fraud, workplace investigation, missing persons, corporate claims, and family matters, in addition to many more. They also provide GPS tracking, allowing you to track a vehicle and establish patterns and routes.


With each case approached with discretion and integrity, you can be sure your final report is thorough, detailed, and, most importantly, obtained legally. Top Tier Investigations never crosses the line, ensuring their techniques are ethical yet effective, allowing them to provide results that actually matter.

Complete Privacy & Confidentiality

With 30 years of experience and access to international resources, there’s a reason that Top Tier Investigations is one of Canada’s leading investigation companies. Their team of elite private investigators has proven that their in-depth knowledge and honed skills yield results, allowing the most difficult of cases to be resolved. Top Tier Investigations leads with discretion, professionalism, and trust. Your identity and case will always be secure with them, even after the results are compiled. No matter the case, whether it be simple or complex, their flexibility, methods, and sound judgement will prove that there is no one better to trust with your case. Accessibility is also important to Top Tier Investigations. They don’t want finances holding you back from learning the truth, which is why they offer competitive and reasonable pricing. They believe in being transparent and honest about the costs upfront, so you know exactly where your money will be going.

The Only Licensed Private Investigators You’ll Need

Don’t be left in the dark any longer! Contact Top Tier Investigations today by calling (416) 549-4901, emailing [email protected], or going online to to request a consultation.