Easy Parent

The Best Parental Control
App on the Market

The best parental control app on the market is Easy Parent. Boasting a whole host of features and services, this product is the ideal choice for parents looking to forge a stronger bond with their children. Plus, it is remarkably easy to use, making it a simple yet powerful addition to your child’s digital experience. Let’s take a look at just what this powerful Android app can do for you. 


Parental Control Features that Help

Notifications and Reminders

Easy Parent makes it easy to keep your kid’s life on track. With notification and reminder features, keeping track of sports games, homework times, and dinner schedules is a breeze. Plus, they are a great way to prepare your child for responsible independence.

Parent-Child Texting

Communication between parents and children is also simpler with Easy Parent. They offer in-app texting services for both parties so that you can always be in constant communication. Say goodbye to forgotten meeting times and say hello to your kids at a time that works best for you!

Task Lists

Manage chores, homework and more with convenient task lists. Add restrictions to app folders and encourage them to complete their duties in a timely manner for access! Easy Parent makes staying on top of the demands of daily life straightforward and rewarding. Plus, they offer goal-setting features to help your child push their boundaries in a responsible way. 

App Usage Reports

Either weekly or daily, you can receive app usage reports from your child’s mobile device. These can provide you with insight into how your child is spending their time online and allow you to make decisions for their benefit. 

Live View

Easy Parent gives you direct access to your child’s screen so that you can always ensure they are consuming content that is safe for them. 

Why Them?

With such a healthy list of features and benefits, Easy Parent makes itself an easy choice. Still, for parents that are unsure about which parental control app to choose, these features may present an opportunity for further information. Information regarding the unlimited number of devices that come with a single subscription, perhaps. Or information about how simple the app is to use compared with the competition. There’s always a positive reason to engage with this app.


Simply put, there is no better way to support your child’s development and monitor their screen time than with the assistance of Easy Parent. Find the app on the Google Play Store or visit their website for more information today!