Liz & Lottie

Who Are Liz & Lottie & Why Do They Have an Online Gift Shop?

Liz & Lottie are the grandmothers of the founders of this online gift shop in Canada. They were proud, strong women who helped rear these two successful entrepreneurs and gave them the confidence to try something new. This venture is the perfect combination of interesting and intriguing gifts and products for everyone. We’ll get into what they offer just down below, but before that, it’s worth noting that they have made the transition from a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront to an entirely digital one. As a result, they can offer their quality wares to an even wider audience.


What You Can Find at This Online Gift Shop in Canada

It might be simpler to list what you can’t get at this online gift shop in Canada rather than what you can get. They carry a wide selection of cards for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries to apologies to condolences and so much more. They also carry mugs and kitchenware that will have you saying “wow” and “amazing.” But, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many product offerings available. 

Bath and body products are also available, like body buffs, sassy signage, dry brushes, facial rollers and more. They also carry everyone’s favourite bath accessories including bath bombs and candles. Outside of the bathroom again, this online retailer carries games, puzzles, gift wraps and all the other fun activities you want to do at home. For babies and kids, they have amazing options like aprons, sunglasses, beanies and more. 

They also offer a whole host of home decor online options too. Coasters, picture frames, planters, decorations, prints, jewellery stands and other quality products are just a few of the treasures on display. For a full list and to find something truly special, you’ll have to take a look at their site yourself.

Why People Choose This Gift Store

The Liz & Lottie brand only continues to grow as time goes on. This could be because they offer such friendly and prompt service, but no doubt their incredible selection also has something to do with their continuing success. That they carry some Canadian brands and a whole whack of great apparel is just the icing on top. And, with discounted items ready to ship, there’s something available for every person’s budget.

Find Something for Everyone on Your List Today

You can visit their website for an in-depth look at all their incredible products, and maybe even cross a few items off your gift list.