Venus Medi Spa

Calgary’s Premier Medi Spa

You deserve to feel confident in your skin. At Venus Medi Spa, they believe that true beauty is enhancing what you already have. That’s why they aim to highlight your unique features and characteristics while allowing you to bask in healthy, glowing, and youthful skin.


Venus Medi Spa is ready to provide positive ageing solutions that empower their clients and enhance their personal health and wellness. Offering high-quality medical aesthetics services, such as Botox, lip injections, dermal fillers, and microneedling, Venus Medi Spa sets the standard for medi spas in Calgary.


But Venus Medi Spa doesn’t just stop there. They want you to be able to leave their salon with new practices and techniques that you can implement into your everyday life. That’s why they work with you to develop a customized skincare routine, allowing you to prevent and lessen skin conditions.


Bask In A Luxury Experience

Venus Medi Spa is all about creating a luxurious, relaxing environment that you won’t want to leave. Valuing tranquillity, peace, and comfort, they’ve established an atmosphere that will put you at ease that merges effortlessly with kind and compassionate staff. It’ll be difficult to find another place that embodies a warm hug so effortlessly.


The staff is more than just welcoming, however. Highly trained and educated, each staff member is committed to providing an unparalleled experience. From creating a personalized treatment plan to answering all your questions, every professional is dedicated to enhancing your beauty in a safe and enjoyable way.


From the moment you walk through the door, all pressure is off. That’s why Venus Medi Spa offers free consultations, ensuring that any obligations or judgements are eliminated. Instead, take the time to have an open, friendly conversation with their experts and allow them to reveal your inner goddess.

Recapture Your Confidence

When it comes to the customer experience, no one does it quite like Venus Medi Spa. That’s why they’ve built a reputation for their lavish clinic, their warm atmosphere, and their staff’s gentle disposition. The journey to feeling naturally beautiful shouldn’t be overwhelming, which is why they haven’t held back in ensuring each patient feels valued from the moment they step inside.


Ageing may be a fact of life, but Venus Medi Spa aims to have each client age with grace and beauty. Why shy away from the world when you can take it on with confidence? Through their authentic revitalizing medical aesthetics and dermatologist-approved skincare products, Venus Medi Spa is ready to elevate your natural beauty and poise.

Unleash Your Inner Venus

Why wait to find your inner goddess? Contact Venus Medi Spa today by calling (403) 715-3030, emailing [email protected], or going online to to fill out a form.