Sleep Your Worries Away With Quality Mattresses in Calgary

If you struggle with falling asleep at night, or your Calgary mattress just isn’t comfortable enough, Dreamology has the right solutions for you. Offering a wide array of products from pillows and textiles to bed frames and, of course, mattresses, this company has everything you need to achieve the best sleep hygiene possible. Plus, they have a wide range of top-quality manufacturers like Wellsville, Kingsdown, Magniflex, and many more. 


One of the core values of this company is its dedication to client satisfaction. Naturally, as one of the best NW Calgary mattress stores, they understand the real importance of sleep hygiene and sincerely wish to give each of their clients the most fabulous sleep of their lives. One of the ways that they achieve this goal is through their wide selection of quality mattresses. 


Indeed, Dreamology’s selection of quality mattresses is just about second to none. With options in all the popular categories like foam, latex and spring, they work with their valued clients to achieve the best fit for their lives. If you need a hard mattress with long life, they can recommend one of their premium foam options. Or, conversely, they can inform you of the best choices for hypoallergenic sleep, such as a fantastic latex mattress or well-designed coil spring bed.


Calgary Mattresses to
Better Your Life

When you consider the fact that bad mattresses are a leading cause of back pain, finding the right Calgary mattress company begins to feel like a necessity. Especially now, as we move forward through the pandemic situation and spend so much time inside our homes. Every possible advantage is necessary for us to keep feeling happy and healthy, and Dreamology knows just how to hone in on such advantages. 


For instance, an excellent way to achieve better sleep is through the use of a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are an emerging technology, but they already have a large following that continues to grow every day. The reason weighted blankets are so popular is that they provide a higher level of comfort and security during your sleep cycle. Now, Dreamology stocks this excellent product right here in Calgary so that more people have access to this burgeoning technology.  


At this point, it might seem like the best part of choosing Dreamology is their wide selection and friendly staff, but there is another area that this company excels in, which is their added-value services. When you purchase from Dreamology, you get a 100-night, risk-free guarantee of quality and can exchange your mattress at any time. Furthermore, the shipping of your bed is no burden as they also offer free delivery and haul away services at no extra cost. Finally, their confidence stems from their selection, but it is truly a service that you cannot appreciate without first seeing it in person.

Your New Favourite Mattress Store

The best mattress store to locate themselves in NW Calgary’s Crowfoot neighbourhood, Dreamology Mattresses, is here for you. As Calgary’s premier mattress shop, they provide fantastic deals on pillows, mattresses, bedding, and so much more. Plus, they understand the importance of a great night’s sleep and emphasize pairing you with the perfect sleep companions. Get yours today by dropping in and speaking with one of their friendly sales associates.

Sleep in Comfort & Peace Only at Dreamology

For the best mattresses in Calgary, visit Dreamology at #9, 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW.

For more information, you can contact them at (403) 454-4507 or at [email protected]