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Finding fantastic Laser hair removal in Calgary services is no longer a challenge. Simply book your appointment with the Laser Hair & Skin Centre today and experience what professionalism and expertise can do for the cosmetic industry. Twenty years of service make this company the perfect solution for anyone tired of their pesky or unwanted hair growth. Plus, they offer such a wide array of products and services that even if you aren’t looking for laser hair removal, you are going to find a service that will be worth your while.


Among their many offerings is skin tightening in Calgary, which is a service perfect for people looking to smooth out their skin and rejuvenate their youthful appearance. After all, age is just a number, and the experts at Laser Hair & Skin Centre understand this statement intimately. Their skin tightening service utilizes the power of near-infrared light to rejuvenate collagen and tighten the skin in all of the common problem areas. These areas might include loose or saggy skin around the body, post-pregnancy tummies, jowls, chins, cheeks, and many more. 


However, that is not all of the services this spectacular business offers. They also offer laser peel, pigmentation spots, skin rejuvenation, lip injection, body sculpting, TruScuplting, and a whole swath of other treatment options to satisfy all your aesthetic treatment needs. Their twenty years of experience provide them with all of the tools to keep you looking your best and most youthful with safe and effective treatments designed for your unique needs.


The Calgary
Microdermabrasion Experts

Although the Laser Hair & Skin Centre is best known for their Laser hair removal in Calgary, it should be apparent they are more than capable of a variety of helpful and meaningful treatments. In fact, one of the procedures that they take the most pride in is their microdermabrasion in Calgary. This pleasant service allows you to reduce the appearance of skin-related impressions such as acne scars, large pores, blotchy skin, uneven skin tone, melanin bursts, sunspots, fine wrinkles, and much more. 


Microdermabrasion is fast and painless and works through exfoliating your skin. The exfoliation process relies on micro-crystals of aluminum oxide sprayed from specialized equipment that gently showers the treatment area and wears away the uppermost layers of the dermis. The crystals are very safe and non-carcinogenic, and the process usually only takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Indeed, this is a service many people can and do benefit from regularly.

Trustworthy Laser Hair Removal

Ultimately, Laser Hair & Skin Centre values its customers and strives to offer compelling and exciting services that provide real benefits. Take back your beauty and put your best foot forward with Laser Hair & Skin Centre.

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If you are interested in their services, consider visiting them at their convenient Calgary location, Unit 260B, 3916 Macleod Trail SW or give them a call at (403) 255-0150. You can also email them at [email protected]