Lakeview Insurance

Save Money With Your
Insurance in Calgary

Insurance matters. You want coverage for all the essential things in your life, but you also want value in your insurance. How do you find such possibilities? How do you get insurance coverage that is worth its weight in gold? You place your trust in the leading insurance brokers in Calgary: Lakeview Insurance.


As a family operated organization that strives to deliver results, they have been servicing Calgary homes, families and businesses since 1979. Their success is built upon providing top-tier insurance coverage for their clients to enjoy their lives to the fullest. They offer personal insurance (including Auto, Motorcycle, Boat and Home), commercial insurance (General Liability, Vehicle, Contractor Insurance and Property) and other special offers, including Travel, Life and Storage. 


With their years of experience, their knowledge of insurance, and their passion for value, they are excited to provide the same comprehensive services to you and every member of your family. You’ll be guided throughout the whole process with care and respect. Get the best insurance prices and packages on the market with Lakeview Insurance.

Why Choose Lakeview Insurance As Your Calgary Insurance Brokers

If you are wondering why you should consider Lakeview insurance as your primary Calgary insurance brokers, keep reading below: 

Family Operated & Owned

With strong family roots and timely service, you can expect a high level of care and information from their trustworthy, dedicated team members. With over 40 years of service, their legacy is set in stone.

Personal Services

Don’t you hate it when insurance brokers tend to treat you as another number? You won’t get that level of treatment with Lakeview. Their team will provide you with a high-level of personal coverage that meets your individual needs.

Access To Multiple Insurance Companies

With comprehensive access to their multiple insurance companies, Lakeview’s team members can provide you with the deals from some of the world’s biggest insurance companies.

Get Covered By Calgary’s Top Insurance Brokers

With over four decades of serving Calgarians and a plethora of successful and happy clients, you can see why Lakeview Insurance is considered the province’s top insurance brokers in Calgary


They understand their local community and the unique insurance needs that their people need. With this level of care and their passion for their clients highlight their level of commitment. Their attention to detail and dedication to securing each client’s current needs’ best policies is how they stand out from other Calgary insurance brokers. 


If you are looking to save money on insurance while getting the best coverage available on the market, reach out to the best team in the province with Lakeview Insurance.