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In our interconnected world, there is more of a need for security and privacy than ever before. The division between cultural groups is on the rise, and events like climate change and rioting are growing concerns in countries around the world. But, there is a solution in sight—a better way to protect your business and its assets. Indeed, Intercept Security Services is the right company for all your mobile security services, Calgary


They have multiple patrol units that can service several locations in a single shift. Plus, real-time reporting means that you are always the first to know about new or emerging security threats. All their guards wear body cameras as standard procedure to assist in this goal. However, sometimes it isn’t enough to know that guards are watching their posts attentively. Luckily, that is no concern for ISS. 


GPS tracking devices are also part of the standard equipment in this company’s guard outfit. As a result, real-time monitoring translates directly to real-time results. Although, this is only the start of Intercept Security Services’ whole complement of genuine and helpful services.


Security Solutions You Can Count On

Security System Installation

Security systems are an essential component of running a business. They encourage reduced rates from insurance companies, increase property value and, of course, defend your business. However, installing them can be frustrating. Sourcing the right equipment, installing the devices and having a holistic approach can be unique challenges for newcomers to the market. 


Intercept Security Services is here to save the day, though. With expert knowledge and sufficient experience, they make the process simple, straightforward and easy. Plus, they help advise clients about suitable needs and expectations, as well as equipment recommendations.

Loss Prevention

For big companies, like retail stores, indoor malls and garden centres, loss prevention is a real concern. Covering large areas with sufficient security personnel or surveillance presents particular difficulties, especially without the proper security guard services. However, there are ways to make it easier.


One way is undercover security guards. Dressed in plain clothes, these professionals are inconspicuous and act like ordinary customers while silently patrolling and keeping watch. Or, perhaps loss prevention audits are more suitable to the situation. Whatever your needs, Intercept Security Services is here to help!

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement is an essential part of maintaining worksite organization and ensuring compliance. Having a dedicated person or guard for this task can make the process simpler, reduce congestion, and there are several specific benefits as well—for instance, ticket redemption and validation. 


Whatever your security needs, let Intercept Security Services be the company that informs, directs and assists you in realizing your goals.