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Home Buyers Ready to Buy Your Home

Selling your home fast is easier than ever before with Cashyn Homes. 


As the leading home buyers in Calgary, they’re the professional, trustworthy and reliable team that will happily pay cash for your home! There are no showings, no commissions, no repairs or no headaches. You won’t have to deal with realtors or buyers while saving thousands (up to $25k) on fees. Most importantly, you’ll get paid the value of your home without any gimmicks or tricks. It’s a straightforward transaction that’s easy for everyone. 


In three simple steps, you can sell your property and get cash for it. You’ll also be supported by Cashyn’s loyal and expert team, who will handle everything of the transaction for you, resulting in the perfect real estate deal! When it comes to selling your home fast, there is no better option than Cashyn Homes. 


Three Simple Steps to Sell Your Home Fast

If you sell your home with a realtor or real estate agent, that means dealing with buyers, showings, making deals and paying over-the-top fees. With Cashyn, it’s different. All you have to do is…

Step1: ​​Qualifying Call

You’re in charge. Reach out to Cashyn Homes and tell them about your property. Give the address, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, reason for selling, timeline to sell and whether it’s vacant, rented or owner-occupied. They’ll assess the value of your property and provide you with an offer. 

Step 2: Receive an Offer

You’ll get an offer for your property. Don’t like it? Make them a counter-offer and negotiate. You have the luxury to do so. If you agree to the offer, they’ll view the property with their contractors, partners and investors to further assess if anything else is required. 

Step Three: Get Paid!

Complete the transactions with lawyers representing both sides. Cashyn Homes will provide you with one if you don’t have a lawyer. Before you know, you’ll have the cash right into your bank account! 

Sell Your Home with 7 Days

Forget about waiting 90 days to complete the sale of your home. Cashyn Homes can do it in less than seven days if you’re ready to go. That’s how quick they work.

For trustworthy, supportive, and industry-leading home buyers in Calgary committed to making your life easy and selling your home fast, reach out to Cashyn Homes today. Call them on (587) 600-1248 for more information.