It’s Time To Make Your Home A Smart Home

The future is upon us, so why not make it work for you? Control the various technical aspects of your home with the press of a button or with your voice by turning to smartSPACE Home Automation. The leading provider of smart home systems and technology in Calgary, smartSPACE Home Automation strives to make their client’s everyday lives easier.


This is accomplished through their seemingly never-ending list of systems they provide, which include home automation, home theatres, home surveillance, home networking, audio and visual distribution, lighting, and structured wiring. smartSPACE Home Automation is ready to make your home better and smarter.


A Smart Home System That Works For You

smartSPACE Home Automation’s passion for technology is second only to their dedication to their customers. They ensure that you receive the care and attention that you need as they work with you to build a smart home solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.


When it comes to the financials, smartSPACE Home Automation is firmly against hidden costs or added fees. They are honest, upfront, and transparent about the work they supply, sharing a detailed layout of the installation process so you know exactly where your money is going. Once you provide your budget, they will stick within it, no matter what.


Additionally, every at-home consultation is free of charge. This allows you to book an appointment with zero risk while giving smartSPACE Home Automation the chance to grasp the details of your project and understand your vision.

It Pays To Work With smartSPACE Home Automation

With praise coming from their clients and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, smartSPACE Home Automation’s commitment to quality products and honest services is paying off. They are so confident in their abilities that they warranty their own work on top of the existing manufacturer’s warranty. But when you combine leading brands of home automation systems with trusted industry experts, you can be certain that you are receiving the best as your systems are integrated to work together seamlessly.


smartSPACE Home Automation understands what an investment your home is. That’s why they aim to help you protect it, regardless of where you are, and ensure you’re making the most of your time while at home. Providing you access to smart home advice and education while creating a streamlined user experience are just a few of the benefits of choosing smartSPACE Home Automation.

Simplify Your Life

Maximize what your home can do for you! Contact smartSPACE Home Automations today by calling (403) 539-9419, emailing [email protected], or going online to to request a consultation.