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When you are looking for hemorrhoid removal, hemorrhoid specialists or hemorrhoid treatment, turn to N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre. They boast an impressive record with a 98% success rate for their treatments. But, it is the 40 years of experience that makes this hemorrhoid clinic in Calgary truly stand out. 


Over the last four decades, this business has treated over 4,000,000 patients, returning them to comfort and control over their lives. Hemorrhoids, or piles, are no laughing matter, and having a natural, effective solution to treat them and reduce their effect on our lives is a service worth using. How does their service work, you ask?


Calgary Hemorrhoid Clinic Services for You

The services offered by N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre are varied and designed to help. They can treat hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, anal fissures, anal abscesses, anal polyps and anal eczema. Their treatment is based on a naturopathic method that uses natural ingredients. 


The Calgary hemorrhoid clinic uses different methods of treatment based on the specific needs of the patient. One of these methods is the Ba Zhi San non-surgical method, which involves the application of a natural ointment. They also use the Guoyi Protcology Therapy. These two methods have proven effective in treating a variety of anorectal diseases.


They are also adept at diagnosing and assessing your concerns or discomfort. Understanding the problem can help with the diagnosis and treatment, so it is essential that they fully recognize the issue from the outset.

A Hemorrhoid Clinic in Calgary That’s Here to Help

The staff at N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre has the experience, education and expertise to properly diagnose and treat anorectal diseases. Their methods rely on 40 years of development and practice, and their services are available at several locations worldwide. Plus, they are an award-winning naturopathic clinic that continues to push the industry forward and evolve its practices. These are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose them for treatment in Vancouver, China and Calgary.

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If you struggle with anorectal diseases in the form of piles, abscesses, fistulas or fissures, contact this hemorrhoid clinic in Calgary today. You can reach them at (403) 636-1755, through their website, or by emailing [email protected]. You don’t need to suffer needlessly, so call today and get effective and natural treatment.