The Hardware Store That Helps You Find Your Style

Whether it’s a major renovation or a small DIY project, sticking to your timeline can be important. Hopping from store to store and scouring the internet for those last few pieces can be time consuming and frustrating. That’s where Cosmaroma comes in. 


Serving the southern Ontario area, Cosmaroma offers an incredible selection of products and materials. If you’re hoping to complete your bathroom remodel, update your staircase, replace your flooring, or you simply need the odd hardware or accessory, you’re covered.


When it comes to the quality of the products, rest assured that you’re only getting the best. Whether it’s a popular brand or a niche supplier, all of their products are backed by quality standards. Cosmaroma holds firmly the belief that if it’s not good enough for them, then it’s not good enough for you.


Your One-Stop Renovation Shop

Renovations can be costly, so Cosmaroma has made it their personal mission to help you save money. With the majority of their products coming straight from the manufacturer and stocked on-site, the middleman is completely cut out of the supply chain. This allows you to stop overpaying for retail pricing and use those savings elsewhere in your renovation.


Looking for guidance on your reno project? Each customer service team member has received training to better serve you, backed by their own personal experience. 


But why stop at simply asking for advice? Cosmaroma offers installation services for all their flooring, trim, and stair products. From choosing your materials to installation, Cosmaroma can be with you every step of the way, ensuring your renovation project goes smoothly.

Find What You Came For

Cosmaroma is the perfect blend of familiarity and specialty. While they carry many unique and interesting products, you’ll also be sure to find all your favourite tool and material brands to make locating replacement parts and equipment straightforward and simple. This has made Cosmaroma the number one choice for contractors in Ontario.


Convenience is key when it comes to a great shopping experience. Don’t waste your time wandering aimlessly through aisles or talking to someone who doesn’t understand what you’re looking for. With simple layouts and excellent staff, you’re sure to leave Cosmaroma with all the items and information you could ever need and more.

Modernize Your Home

Why wait to begin your renovation project when Cosmaroma has everything you could possibly need? Contact them today at 1-855-838-5500 or go online to to find the store location that works best for you.