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When you want delicious organic food, you don’t want to struggle to find it. You want to avoid imitators, and you want to ensure your products are as advertised. Sometimes, this can be difficult, especially for natural produce that comes from other countries. Thankfully, Grainworks is here to assist you in finding a reliable source of these products that you don’t have to worry about their origin or quality. And, you can easily buy flour online!


That’s right; Grainworks products are grown right here in Canada. They are sustainable, Certified Organic and non-GMO. Planted, grown and sown on some of Canada’s most fertile farmland, their beans, flours and grains are of an exceptional quality that you will taste in soups, stews, medleys and even baked goods.

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Plus, they have a marvellous selection of products for you to choose from, such as: 

Hulled hemp, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, and spelt; what do these things have in common? They are all superfoods available through Grainworks! Absolutely, these are just some of the superbly delicious and nutritious food that you can enjoy for yourself. Plus, with a fabulous rewards program, there is no reason not to sample their fantastic products for yourself. 

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Ethical, environmentally-friendly and organic farming methods are the foundation of Grainworks success. Now, they boast Canada’s best Certified Organic, Non-GMO grains and legumes, full of flavour and hearty nutrients, which means you can buy beans online. Their products are the perfect accompaniment to a balanced and healthy diet from garbanzo and black beans to unbleached and whole wheat flour. Plus, with the advent of their helpful and informative website, it is easier than ever to access their delicious and sustainably-sourced products. Simply choose your order, fill out your shipping information, and before you know it, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour. Grainworks products are ideal for baking, grilling, mixing and even just enjoying in their natural state. Try wholesome, farm-fresh and organic food that really stands out today!